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About Us

The Hale difference: You’ll see and taste it in everything we offer.

Since 1947 Hale Indian River Groves has earned a reputation as America’s foremost source for Florida’s finest citrus – whether you send fine fruit as gifts, or order for your own household. People tell us our fruit arrives fresher – and tastes better – than any other fruit. Here’s why:

We grow fruit. We know fruit.

At Hale, our fruit experts keep a close, daily eye on the trees, the skies, the birds and bees – and the fruit itself. They bring a level of knowledge and expertise that is unsurpassed – even here in Florida.

We know what it takes to grow superior citrus fruit, and when to harvest it for peak sweetness and flavor.

We grow our citrus where citrus grows best.

We’re located in Vero Beach, Florida, in the heart of the Indian River region, which has been recognized as one of the very few places on Earth where sandy soil, clear sunlight, ample water and warm temperatures come together to work a special sort of magic.

Unlike fruit grown in desert or upland climates, our bright sunshiny days and warm balmy nights produce fruit that is truly “Tropical” – thin-skinned, exceptionally juicy, naturally sweet and flavorful.

But fruit like ours doesn’t just grow on trees.

The experts at Hale Groves spend most of their time out in the groves, relentlessly sampling, inspecting and monitoring the quality of the fruit. Each day they combine their unique art with hard science to produce extraordinary flavor and sweetness– and to harvest it at the perfect moment.

When it’s ripe and ready to pick, our experts say the fruit has a “high Brix count.” One taste and you’ll say: “Delicious!”

When we receive your order, your fruit is still on the tree!

We keep our fruit inventory growing on the trees, ripening and sweetening in the bright Florida sunshine until the last possible moment before shipping. There’s no warehouse at Hale Groves. No middleman. No cold storage.

We pick, pack and ship all of our fruit in one swift, continuous operation – straight off the tree, direct to you and your friends. When it comes to freshness and flavor, supermarket citrus simply can’t compete with Hale. To get any fresher, you’d have to pick it yourself.

The quality’s unmatched because we pick and pack everything by hand.

Hale fruit is in a class all its own. We know, because we insist that each piece pass several levels of inspection before it’s certified as Hale “Pick-of-the-Crop” quality.

Each piece of fruit we ship must run the gamut of Hale’s pickers, sorters, inspectors and packers – each with absolute veto power over the fruit that passes through their hands. If something doesn’t measure up to our rigorous – some say fanatical – standards … out it goes! You’ll never see questionable fruit in the gifts we ship to you and your friends.

When we design a shipping container, we put our reputation in it.

Starting with our signature crush-proof corrugated Orange boxes themselves – so rigid and sturdy, you can stand on them without buckling them. Each piece of fruit in our standard gifts is individually cradled inside our Protect-a- TrayTM system to prevent bruising. Then each shipper is fitted with a layer of foam padding to keep the trays from shifting in transit.

Everything’s shipped in climate-controlled trucks to protect your gift from freezing temperatures. That’s how we can guarantee fresh, perfect arrival every time.

The Hale Groves Guarantee

It’s simple: If the gift you order doesn’t arrive fresh and perfect – if you and your gift recipients aren’t totally delighted – we’ll make it right.

>I'm sure you'll enjoy our Indian River Citrus, each and every gourmet gift basket, gift fruit basket, or other food gift from Hale Indian River Groves.  Steve Hale III
A view of the Indian River through the groves.

Web Site Features

Hale Groves gives you an up-to-date web site which has many features that we hope you'll find user-friendly.

Customers can sign up for an online account and benefit from the many unique features of our web site. We simply request an email address and a password to register as a member.

  • Online Catalog
    Experience the same look and feel of our catalog virtually. There is no need to wait for your catalog to arrive when you can flip thru our newest catalog online, anytime.
  • Gift List
    View your gift list from last year. Make the necessary changes (edit address, change gift, add recipient) or leave it the same. With a couple of clicks, your holiday shopping is complete!
  • Track Your Orders
    Wondering where your packages are? Wonder no more. We provide you with online order status, so you know when your order is shipped and when your recipient has received it.

Additional Web Site Features

  • Online Address Book
    Maintain the addresses of your family, friends and business associates in a secure online address book. The feature makes shopping a breeze and improves the shopping experience of returning customers.
  • Gift Reminder Service
    We'll remind you of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or any other special dates via email when you sign up for the Gift Reminder Service. Never again forget a special date.
  • Email Specials
    Receive periodical emails on special offers, unique recipes, announcement of new fruit varieties and much more when you sign up for our free email specials.
  • Quick Shop
    With your Hale catalog in hand, simply type in the gift number you wish to purchase and select your gift recipient from your address book, or add a new gift recipient and simply click to add to your shopping cart. This feature speeds up the online ordering process.


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