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Citrus Fruit Never Goes Out of Healthy Style

By Jason Tromblay. March 31, 2010.

If you could create the perfect food, what would you imagine? You would want the perfect food to be healthy, packed with important vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients, so that every serving actually helped your mind and body to live longer and feel better.

You would want your perfect food to taste great, bringing a variety of taste sensations to your palette. The perfect food would be tangy and sweet, tart and satisfying. Maybe lastly, the perfect food would come in its packaging, growing right out of the ground ready to eat with only a little cleaning to make it perfectly ready for presentation.

Can you believe such a perfect food already exists? The food family collectively known as citrus fruits includes several fresh fruits that are all healthy, delicious, and come in their own packaging. They’re the perfect food! Just look at some family members below for proof:

Oranges: Centuries ago, oranges helped sailors explore the New World by giving them crucial doses of Vitamin C, helping them resist the painful bone disease known as scurvy. Modern researchers point time and again to Vitamin C as a vital ingredient to any diet, citing in particular its effectiveness in helping the body fight off infection and illness.

Tangelo: Its interesting name indicates its colorful roots. The tangelo is a hybrid, bringing together the best parts of the tangerine with either the grapefruit or the pomelo. But it’s not a product of innovative modern science; in reality the tangelo probably originated in Southeast Asia more than three thousand years ago. Their juicy pulp and easy to peel rind are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, but they’re smaller and easier to peel than oranges.

Grapefruit and Ruby Red Grapefruit:
Big and juicy, fun and colorful, the grapefruit and ruby red grapefruit are known throughout the world for their tart flavorings and ample supply of delicious fleshy pulp. Pink and red grapefruits contain strong doses of the helpful antioxidant lycopene, which medical research has shown may reduce the potential for diabetes, cancer, and some kinds of heart disease.

Tangerines: It’s not generally known, but the tangerine is actually a variety of the Mandarin orange. Still, the simple tangerine is sweeter than the typical orange, though it too includes lots of Vitamin C, folate, and carotene. Their peak season arrives in December, and in many parts of the world they’re known as “The Christmas Orange.”


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