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What Makes Florida Oranges Better than Other Oranges?

By Sandy Sachs. March 31, 2010.

Florida is not the only place in the US where citrus fruit is grown, but there is no fruit grown in the US or anywhere in the world that tastes as good as Florida citrus fruit. Why does Florida citrus fruit have such a unique , refreshing taste? There are many reasons. Some people say that Florida citrus fruit tastes so good because the growers in Florida have perfected the art of growing citrus fruit.

They have been growing citrus fruit in Florida since the mid 1500s, when the first citrus trees were planted in Florida by Spanish explorers. Centuries of cultivating many different types of citrus fruit have given Florida citrus growers a lot of knowledge about citrus fruit and the skills needed to grow perfect citrus fruit year after year. Citrus growing is the second largest industry in Florida and employs hundreds of thousands of people every year. There are more than 75 million citrus trees scattered through the state of Florida. With that much citrus growing there the growers cannot help but become experts. There are entire institutes in Florida devoted to learning more about growing citrus fruit.

Another reason why Florida citrus fruit is better than other citrus fruit is because of the soil and growing conditions in Florida. The weather in Florida is ideal for citrus trees. The sub tropical Florida climate, combined with the natural nutrients in the Florida soil create the perfect growing conditions for citrus fruit.  Oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus fruits cannot help but thrive in the warm sunny climate of Florida. The only real threat to the citrus groves of Florida are hurricanes, which can sometimes damage citrus crops but many of the citrus groves in the state are situated in places that are relatively safe from hurricanes.

No matter what the reason is why Florida oranges and grapefruits have such a distinct taste there is no debate about the quality of Florida citrus fruit.  Florida citrus fruit baskets and fresh fruit assortments are highly valued gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other occasions when you want to give a gift that is unique and high quality. Florida citrus fruit baskets are appropriate for people of any age and can be enjoyed even by people who are on restricted diets.  Send a box of real Florida citrus fruit to your friends and family members today and delight them with the unexpected gift of premium, delicious fresh Florida citrus fruit.


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