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The Different Types of Tangerines

By Jason Tromblay. March 31, 2010.

 Tangerines come from the citrus fruit group and have a loose skin that can be easily peeled. The skin is so easy to peel it is like unzipping a zipper on a jacket. The Tangerine fruit also come in separate sections that are easy to peel  apart and are absolutely delicious. Tangerines have a very short growing season so they are in great demand when they are available. There are several different types of tangerines including Clementines, Tangelos, and Temples.

Clementines are a small sweet and seedless variety of tangerines. They are also known as the Algerian Tangerine. The skin that covers the inner fruit is thinner than what you will find with regular tangerines. Clementines are known for their sweet tasting juice and are often used for cooking because of their sweetness.  Many people like to make marmalade from Clementines because of their sweet taste.  

Tangelos are very interesting, because they are a cross between a pomelo and a tangerine. The name Tangelo is generated from the combination of the words pomelo and "tangerine." At first glance one might mistake a Tangelo for a large orange but, you can tell the difference between a Tangelo and an orange because Tangelos have a unique shape, like a bell, while oranges are perfectly round. Tangelos are also smaller than oranges.

 Temples are also known as the Royal Mandarin. Temples are a hybrid fruit that are the result of cross breeding  an orange and a tangerine. Temples look like a small orange instead of a large tangerine. They are absolutely delicious because they are extremely juicy and sweet. Many people think that Temples taste more like oranges than tangerines. To find out if they taste more like oranges than tangerines to you, you might want to try them when they are in season, which is from January to March. 

So there you have it, the three major varieties of the tangerine fruit are Clementines, Tangelos and Temples. Each variety of tangerine is unique and delicious in its own way. If you like citrus fruits or are trying to get more citrus fruit into your daily diet change up your citrus routine by trying different types of tangerines. Usually this type of fruit will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to seven days so if you are constantly snacking on these types of fruit, do not be afraid to purchase them in large quantities.

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