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Ruby Red Grapefruit and High Blood Pressure

By Sandy Sachs. March 31, 2010.

Today, high blood pressure is not something new. Everybody is aware of it and many people have it. The reasons behind this disorder ranges from one to many.

First of all, there are hereditary reasons behind blood pressure while at times, your diet is what is responsible for causing it. If you are obese, then the chances of you acquiring high blood pressure just get stronger and stronger.

The current eating habit that we all have developed is definitely one big culprit behind all the cardiac diseases that are on the rage now. Some of you might be wondering if there is any possible way to control this blood pressure. There are several ways that you can follow. Some take pills to lower their blood pressure while others follow a strict diet.

There is another way that you can control blood pressure. Medically by consuming citrus, this can help. Two great pieces of citrus are varieties of grapefruit.

That fruit is no other than the Ruby Red Grapefruit. There are two categories of Grapefruits available: the yellow ones and the red ones. Ruby red grapefruit is known to lower blood pressure far better than the yellow grapefruit. There are some medical reasons behind this theory. In fact, there are some medical proofs to indicate that ruby red grapefruits are far more effective than their yellow counterparts.

One big reason why this fruit is so capable in doing this wonder is that it is fully saturated with anti oxidants. It is also full of nutrients that help in removing one of your deadliest enemies which is nothing but the cholesterol. Once you start getting rid of cholesterol, the probability or the chances that you will get high blood pressure is slimmed enormously. In fact, you can stay away from some really serious heart diseases as well.

This fruit is rich in fibre and also vitamins such as A and C. There are also certain other compounds that help in cutting down the triglycerides carotene, flavonones, and other important chemical components. Eating this fruit one per day or even two will keep you healthy and you will really be surprised if you heard that this fruit is also helpful in cutting down your extra pounds. For losing weight and staying fit, you need to eat half of this ruby red grapefruit before your meal and then you can drink the fresh juice.

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