Gift Boxes

Hale’s exclusive gift boxes are the perfect surprise for any occasion. The recipients on your list will receive mouthwatering fruit gifts and enjoy the sweet smell of their bounty as they open their unique present. Our distinct boxes offer the best of our fresh-of-the-tree-fruit like citrus, pears, apples and tropical varieties. Each gift box is brimming with the perfect medley of fruits and gourmet treats such as deluxe mixed nuts, honeys and chocolates to please everyone. Choose from pre-selected fruit gift boxes or pick-your-own for a personalized touch!

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Ruby Red Grapefruit

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Starting at $24.98
5 Star
Sweet White Grapefruit

Sweet White Grapefruit

Starting at $34.98
5 Star
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Healthful Snack Box

Taste Tempter with Valencia Oranges - Hale Groves - Send Florida Fruit

Taste Tempter w/ Valencia Oranges

The Pelican - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

The Spring Pelican

Temple Oranges and Honey Tangerines

Temple Oranges & Honey Tangerines

Four Times Four with Honeybells - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

Four Times Four with Honeybells

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