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Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit

…Grapefruit. They're paired in this gift with Hale's Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit that are so sweet you can skip the sugar ... and seedless too! Only 1 in 1,000 Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit meets Hale's high standards for taste and quality. So enjoy this most popular gift combination. And don't…

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Everything Under the Sun

Six of our tastiest varities, packaged together in a premium gift. Share a taste of the best with friends and family with a box brimming with: * Ruby Red Grapefruits * Sweet White Grapefruit * Deep Red Grapefruit * Grove Navel Oranges * Orlando Tangelos * Honey-Sweet Tangerines That's a lot of…

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…to friends and family. The Honeybell Gift Card: When you order Honeybell gifts for Christmas, we'll send your recipients a special card in December to announce that your gift will arrive in January, at is peak of freshness and flavor. Contents 1 Tray: 12-18 Honeybells Sampler Tray: 6-8 Honeybells

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Holiday Red Navel Oranges

…Oranges are rare and only available in limited quantities. Reserve yours now and send some Florida sunshine for gifts this year! * Oranges with brilliant color * Rare variety that’s extra sweet * Great gift for orange lovers * Healthy yet indulgent food gift Contents * 1 Tray:12-18 Red Navel Oranges

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Navel Oranges & Grapefruit

…citrus shipped fresh * 5 sizes to suit any family or office * Packed to arrive fresh and in perfect condition * A can’t-miss best seller Contents 1 Tray: 7 Navel Oranges & 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit Sampler Tray: 3 Navel Oranges & 2 Ruby Red Grapefruit Send 2 boxes and save - Click here to see…

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Ruby Red Grapefruit

…about 1% of the grapefruit grown in the US meet our rigorous standards for flavor and quality. Don’t give anything less! You’ll also want a supply for yourself. * Ruby Red Florida grapefruit * Seedless and juicy * Several gift sizes to choose from * The highest quality fruit available Contents 1

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Temple Oranges

…cushion-pack them for perfect arrival at your door, or a friends. Reserve yours right away, harvested in February. Queen of the Crop Temples are wrapped with care in decorative tissue, and hand packed in Protect-a-Trays for perfect arrival. Contents 1 Tray: 12-18 Temples Sampler Tray: 6-8 Temples

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Buy One Get One Free Honeybells

Welcome to This Special Limited Time Offer! Buy 1 Tray of Honeybells and get one tray for FREE! Only available for one month, our rare and delicious Hale Legendary Honeybells are a customer favorite. Fragrant and bursting with sweet juice, this hard to find citrus is a unique cross between the…

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Abundance Fruit Basket

Citrus lovers rejoice! Three varieties in one beautiful bountiful basket This gorgeous wire and rope basket delivers an abundant 13 pounds of just picked premium citrus. They'll enjoy an assortment of juice filled Oranges, easy to peel Tangerines and Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit. A welcome gift…


Dazzling Deep Red Grapefruit

…it’s quickly picked, packed and shipped. Less than 1% of all the grapefruit in America meets our rigorous standards. * Deep red grapefruit * Shipped anywhere in the US * Healthy yet indulgent * Great gift for anyone; food always fits! Contents 1 Tray: 6-8 Ruby Red Grapefruit Sampler Tray: 3-4 Ruby…

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Red Navel Oranges & Grove Navels

…a gourmet treat! Holiday Red Navel Oranges are available in limited quantities. Reserve yours now. * Gourmet oranges * Two varieties for discriminating tastes * Picked at their peak to arrive fresh * The highest quality you’ll find Contents * 1 Tray:7 Grove Navel Oranges and 5 Red Navel Oranges

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Spring Brunch Box

…Our popular breakfast collection features nearly everything you’ll need for a hearty and heavenly Southern breakfast. Contents: * Grove Select Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Orange Blossom Honey & Dipper * Buttermilk Biscuit Mix * 1 lb. Canadian Bacon * Recipe card for Hale's Orange Honey Butter

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