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Citrus-Lovers Basket

…seagrass basket. It's the kind of gift that says you care about them...and about great-tasting fruit. Includes; sweet Navels, easy to peel Tangerines and plump Ruby Red Grapefruit. The keepsake basket is reusable...and adds a natural flair to any decor. Contents: * 10" Seagrass Basket * Ruby…


Spring Basket

Make your celebration easy: We’ll gather the goodies and deliver them fresh. Starring our luscious Grove Select Oranges, Tangerines, Citrus Jelly Bellies, Deluxe Mixed Nuts and Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Savory Basket

Our grove-fresh fruit perfectly complements these sweet and savory treats. We've loaded up a sturdy rattan basket with a bounty of juicy fruit, our own marmalade and tastes from our favorite artisans. Contents: * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Orchard Apples * D’Anjou Pears * Brie Cheese * Sesame Crackers…


Spring basket

Fresh fruit and delicious treats combine for a perfect any-occasion gift. Our personal-sized felt basket brings thoughts of spring. Packed with our Grove Navel Oranges, Honey-Sweet Tangerines, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Jelly Beans and Fruit and Nut Snack Mix, it’s sure to please.

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Orchard Basket

Classic and sweet, this basket is a thoughtful and fun gift! Our traditional Shaker-style basket is handpacked with a lovely assortment of crowd-pleasing items, making it ideal for just about anyone. * Grove Navel Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Orchard Apples * D’Anjou Pears * Mini Max Red Navels *…


Pistachio Basket

Premium in-shell Pistachios are a holiday favorite. Ours are roasted, then lightly salted to enhance their natural goodness. Easy to pop open and enjoy with our juicy citrus. Packed in our ¼-peck holiday basket.

$39.98 $19.99

Harvest Basket

…Thanksgiving gift to friends or family or celebrate any autumn occasion with our Harvest Basket. We’ve paired our incomparable fresh citrus with a selection of our artisanal treats in a beautiful woven basket. * Grove Navel Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Orchard…


Market Basket

This is one of our biggest and best gift baskets, loaded top to bottom with fruit, snacks and sweets—it’s perfect for an office or a family. Contents: * Grove Navel Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Orchard Apples * D’Anjou Pears * Deluxe Mixed Nuts * Peppermint Bark *…


Orchard Basket

Great value plus great variety! Contents: Grove Navel Oranges Orchard Apples Ruby Red Grapefruit Comice Pears Chocolate Crunch Popcorn Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Candy Holiday Spice Cookies Honey Roast Peanuts


Festive Fruit Basket

This is the tastiest (and easiest) way to spread holiday cheer! Our festive basket features Honey-Sweet Tangerines, our Mini Max Navel Oranges and Mini Max Red Navels, as well as Florida Orange Marmalade, Holiday Milk Chocolates, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Candy Canes.

Starting at $39.98

Savory Selects Basket

Packed in a sea grass tray lined with a holiday gingham towel, our new deluxe savory basket includes everything included in the Savory Basket, plus a 3- to 4-pound Boneless Peppered Ham and Stone Ground Mustard—everything you’ll need for a grand holiday spread! Contents: * 3- to 4-pound Boneless…


Easter Feast Basket

Make Easter easy: we’ll gather the goodies and deliver them fresh. Nestled inside this sturdy basket you’ll find plenty to delight. Four each of our Grove Oranges and Honey-Sweet Tangerines, plus our Chocolate Chip Cookies, Honey-Roasted Peanuts, Assorted Jelly Beans, Coconut Patties and Milk…

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