Sugar Belles Party Box

Incredibly delicious Sugar Belles and enough festive treats to fill an enitre party table! We'll select our precious little Sugar Belles, and send them along with enough tasty tidbits to fill an entire party table. Hale Sugar Belles are a luscious Clementine-Honeybell hybrid, available only from…

Sugar Belles Gourmet Collection

It's irresistible! Fresh fruit, nuts, honey and chocolate. You'll show your good taste when you send this exclusive marriage of textures and flavors. Contents: Hale Sugar Belles Orange Blossom Honey Deluxe Mixed Nuts Holiday Milk Chocolate

Hale Groves Sugar Belles

Off the charts for sweetness and flavor They look like a miniature version of our world-famous Honeybells…but that’s only half the story. The whole truth is that our talented fruit experts have finally crossed our own luscious Honeybells with a full-flavored, tangy Clementine. The result: an…

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Sugar Belles Fruit Medley Box

Tops for taste - starring our very special Sugar Belles! Now you and your friends can taste and compare December's sweetest and very best varieties, side-by-side in a single gift box. Contents: Hale Sugar Belles Honey-Sweet Tangerines Grove Navel Oranges 9 Holiday Milk Chocolate

Honeybell Gift Box

…Honeybells – a cross between the Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit. Extremely rare, due to a short growing season and perfect grove conditions, the bell shaped fruits are bursting with luscious juice and honeyed flavor. Your citrus box includes: • 11-15 Hale Honeybells • Exclusive Citrus Peeler…

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Outrageous Oranges!

Rushed to you sweet, juicy and out of this world. Give golden nuggets loaded with flavor, handpicked and shipped as soon as they're ripe. Contents: * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Grove Navel Oranges * Hale Sugar Belles

Presidents Choice

Three very special varieties – one delicious gift. For a few weeks in December, our SolZestTM Mandarins, our intensely-flavored Sugar Belles, and our rich, spicy-sweet Mini Max Red Navels are perfectly ripe at the same time. Surprise friends and family—or treat yourself—with these specialty fruits,…

Buy 12 Honeybells Get 12 More Pieces Free

…Special Limited Time Offer of Hale Honeybells The once a year citrus sensation Sweet as honey, incredibly juicy, fiery orange and shaped like a bell. Unique Hale Honeybells are available in limited quantities for one month only. You'll receive 24 snack size Hale Honeybells with this special offer.…

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Mini Honeybells

Buy 12 get 12 more pieces FREE! Sweet as honey, incredibly juicy, fiery orange and shaped like a bell. Rare Hale Honeybells are available in limited quantities for one month only. You’ll receive 24 snack size Hale Honeybells. Our tangerine-grapefruit hybrid is hand clipped off the tree at its peak,…

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