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Florida Favorites Gift Box

…of all the Sunshine State has to offer! A little bit retro, a lot of charm—this gift is packed with fun finds that are perfectly Florida to complement our extraordinary oranges. Contents: * Grove Navel Oranges * Florida Orange Marmalade * Coconut Patties * Orange Blossom Honey * Pina Colada Cookies


Florida Mini Gift Set

Our favorites Florida finds are packed together in a charming gift that complements our extraordinary citrus, or delights on its own. Includes our Florida Orange Marmalade, Orange Blossom Honey, wooden honey dipper and Milk Chocolate Orange.


South Florida Mangos

…mangos grown only in the tropical South Florida. In the wide world of tropical fruit, nothing tops our prized Florida Mangos. To slice and eat one fresh off the tree is a fruit-lover's dream come true. Fragrant as a tropical bouquet, glowing as the Florida sunset, these big plump fruits have smooth…

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Old Florida Orchard Crate

…a delicious and festive assortment ideal for sharing in an office, or as a thank-you to a gracious host. * Grove Navel Oranges * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Chocolate Crunch Popcorn * Deluxe Mixed Nuts * Florida Orange Marmalade * Caramel Pecan Milk Chocolates * Honeybell Candy


Breakfast Set

All breakfast options are covered with this thoughtful combination of our 10 oz. Florida Orange Marmalade, 8 oz. Orange Blossom Honey, and wooden honey dipper, packed in a gift box.

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Milk Chocolate Oranges

A Hale favorite for decades Enjoy a classic taste of Old Florida! These wonderful gourmet confections are beautifully sculpted of fine chocolate, and infused with a rich cream filling of fresh oranges. Each is foil-wrapped and separates neatly into 20 individual slices. Also available in Dark…

Starting at $24.99

Coconut Patties

A retro favorite, just in time for the holidays! Rich chocolate and sweet, creamy coconut make a delicious (and sentimental) confection perfect with our wonderful citrus fruit.

Starting at $24.99

Orlando Tangelos

…and Christmas. Florida Tangelos are so popular because they combine the exquisite flavors of tangerine and white grapefruit for a truly unique delicious taste. Order early and reserve your gifts of grove fresh FloridaTangelos! These go well with our Ruby Red Grapefruit too! Florida Tangelos are…

Starting at $24.99

Dark Chocolate Oranges

A perfect marriage of flavors. Orange flavored dark chocolate is a sweet lover's fantasy! Our Chocolate Orange separates into 20 luscious slices and infused with a rich cream filling of fresh oranges.. Each foil wrapped chocolate orange weighs over 6 ounces and is shipped two or three to a package,…

Starting at $24.99

Hale Marmalades

A Sunny splash of citrus in every single bite! Our marmalades taste better because we use better-tasting premium fruit. Florida Orange, Tangerine and Honeybell, each makes breakfast or tea-time special.


Orlando Tangelos & Ruby Red Grapefruit

Just in time for the holidays... Fresh Florida Tangelos are a hybrid specialty fruit that wears a thin "zipper-skin" that slips off effortlessly to reveal sun-ripened sections of juicy goodness inside. They're paired in this gift with Hale's word-renowned Indian RiverRuby Red Grapefruit…

Starting at $24.99

Deluxe Citrus Gift

…addition of our deluxe tray, featuring beloved Old-Florida favorites—Coconut Patties, Pina Colada Cookies, a Milk Chocolate Orange wrapped in foil, Florida Orange Marmalade and Orange Blossom Honey—you’ll make their gift even more memorable. Contents: One Tray * 3 Red Grapefruit * 7 Grove Navel…

Starting at $54.99
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