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Fruit Cake

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Grandmas Fruit Cakes

Rich and moist, with plenty of aged-in-the-wood bourbon, smooth dark rum and fine brandy. The enduring appeal of this traditional fruit cake makes it the perfect gift for generations of families - and it's delightfully decadent, too. Whole cherries, Florida pineapple, plump raisins, walnut halves,…

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Fruit Cake Assortment

A delicious holiday tradition - times four. Our fruit cakes crafted to time-honored recipes by some of our favorite artisan bakers, making every slice rich, moist and buttery. Our most popular fruit cake gift includes five individually wrapped slices each of Australian Apricot, Dark Brandied, Light…

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Dark Brandied Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake never tasted this good! One bite and they'll know this is no ordinary fruit cake! Imported rums and brandies lend their subtle flavors to the mix of fine fruits, pecans, almonds and aromatic spices. This flavor-rich cake is sliced and wrapped for lasting freshness,then hand packed in a…

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Heavenly Coconut Cake

Two fluffy layers of perfection, filled, iced, and topped with luscious coconut. A tropical treat and centerpiece-worthy holiday dessert. Serves 8-10.

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Pineapple Macadamia Nut Cake

…the tropics. Send a delicious slice of Old Florida Hospitality. Moist and magnificent, this wonderful dessert is made with big chunks of tender fruit, folded into a golden, buttery batter with coconut and macadamia nuts. Your family and friends will enjoy it as much today as when pineapples first…

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Related Categories Grandma's Fruit Cake