Golden Nugget


Golden Nugget Tangerines

…experience this extraordinary new variety this season. Descended from the legendary, highly prized Mandarin oranges of the ancient Orient, Golden Nuggets are quite simply the sweetest, juiciest tangerines we have ever tasted. They’re delicate, tender and easy to enjoy, with a deep, appealing…

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Outrageous Oranges!

Rushed to you sweet, juicy and out of this world. Give golden nuggets loaded with flavor, handpicked and shipped as soon as they're ripe. Contents: * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Grove Navel Oranges * Hale Sugar Belles


Peak of the Season Plan

…Choice in December at peak flavor * 12 Sweet Mini Honeybells in January at peak flavor* 12 Temple Oranges in February at their peak flavor* 12 Golden Nugget Tangerines in March at their peak flavor And the best part... * You'll get FREE SHIPPING * You'll Save 22% off our regular catalog prices. *…

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