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Blonde Rainier Cherries

…blush on one cheek, it's because they're slightly embarrassed at just how sweet and delicious they are. Their flesh is very clear and firm; their juice is crystal clear. And when you bite into one, it pops with crisp sweet flavor. Rainiers are so scarce, they're just not available in most of the…

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Sunshine Special Ruby Red Grapefruit

Send a box of Florida Sunshine. A gift box of our delightful Hale Grapefruit is sure to please. These plump red favorites are seedless, blushing red, dripping with sweet juice and shipped at the peak of perfection.


Mini Honeybells

…packed with rich flavor and juice. MiniHoneybells are easy to take along for lunch-on-the-go or a perfect snack and energy boost. Loaded with Vitamin C, they peel in an instant and disappear like candy! These precious Minibells are filled with the same rich flavor and juice you’d expect from a…

Starting at $27.99

Dazzling Deep Red Grapefruit

…Fresh, beautiful and full of sunshine! Every bit as sweet and seedless as its Ruby Red cousin, this bright, glowing variety delivers just as much juice and intense grapefruit flavor. Its warm crimson blush outside adds depth and richness to the deep, dark red flesh inside. Contents 1 Tray: 6-8 Ruby…

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Starting at $24.99

Abundance Fruit Basket

…bountiful basket This gorgeous wire and rope basket delivers an abundant 13 pounds of just picked premium citrus. They'll enjoy an assortment of juice filled Oranges, easy to peel Tangerines and Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit. A welcome gift for any occasion. All wrapped up, prettily bowed, the…


Early Girl Bing Cherries

Make the fun last longer: These blushing beauties are ripe and ready in June! Now you can enjoy the same fabulous flavor and sweet luscious juice up to a full month earlier than with our popular Sweet Mountain Bings. To stretch the season, our fruit experts have tracked down and reserved the pick of…

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Honeybell Gift Box

…Duncan Grapefruit. Extremely rare, due to a short growing season and perfect grove conditions, the bell shaped fruits are bursting with luscious juice and honeyed flavor. Your citrus box includes: • 11-15 Hale Honeybells • Exclusive Citrus Peeler • Deluxe Mixed Nuts • Honeybell Candies Your…


Tangerines and Ruby Red Grapefruit

…before. That's because Hale's citrus is picked, packed and shipped to you in one continuous motion, arriving days off the tree. Fresh, flavorful and juice filled. Our Tangerines are thin-skinned beauties that magically "unzip" to reveal their heavenly sweetness. Hale's Ruby Red Grapefruit…

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Starting at $34.99

Hale Groves MiniBell Supreme

Want to delight them? Send a great big box of our snack-size Honeybells Here's the same honeyed flavor and luscious juice as our full sized Honeybells - in a single serving size that's perfect for sharing or passing around the office. These brilliant, fiery orange MiniBells are a joy to behold, fun…

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Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit

…and Hale's Sweet as Sugar Ruby Red Grapefruit are among our most highly prized citrus varieties. Brilliant, bright orange, bursting with luscious juice and honeyed flavor, Hale Honeybells are a unique cross between the delicately flavored Dancy Tangerine and sweet Duncan Grapefruit. They're paired…

Starting at $27.99

Temple Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

…with Ruby Red Grapefruit Hale's Queen of the Crop Temples are an Old Florida favorite for a very good reason, they're abundant with tangy sweet juice and also easy-to-peel, for the perfect eating orange. In this gift they're paired with Hale Ruby Red Grapefruit, that are so sweet you can skip the…

Starting at $24.99

Sunshine Special All Navels

Send a box of Florida Sunshine. These seedless Navels are an old- Florida classic. Balanced, fragrant and full of juice, they can't be topped for quality. 16 pounds packed in our gift box.

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