Grove Navel Oranges

Navel oranges capture sweetness from the sun … and we deliver it, bright and beautiful. Our seedless navel oranges are an old-Florida classic. Like all of our premium citrus, each piece of fruit must pass at least six levels of inspection before it meets our standard for quality. Balanced, fragrant,…

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Spring Citrus Collection

…these three varieties are ripe and ready at the very same moment. Fresh, fragrant and heavy with juice, we rush them straight from the grove to your doorstep. It’s a sweet way to indulge any fruit lover — including yourself! Contains * Navel Oranges * Honey Sweet Tangerines * Valencia Oranges


Sol Zest Mandarin Jewels

One of our rarest new varieties! How often can you be among the very first to taste something new, rare and wonderful? Here's a fine opportunity! These sensational Mandarins are exceptionally sweet and bursting with the sun's goodness.

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Orange Extravaganza

…for the sweetest holidays. These are the ones we grow for ourselves, and we love to share them with you! Incredible fragrance and extraordinary taste – the true Florida citrus experience you’ll get only from Hale. Contents: * 5 Honey-Sweet Tangerines * 10 Grove Navel Oranges * 5 Mini Max Red Navels

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Feel Good Oranges

When life gives you lemons - try our Oranges instead! This bright, beaming new gift is guaranteed to bring smiles to kids, grandparents, or anyone who needs a midwinter pick-me-up. We'll deliver our sweetest, best-tasting Oranges - wrapped as shown.


Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

…healthy "sunshine" that's also perfect for you to enjoy yourself. One of the secrets to growing a naturally sweet vitamin-rich Valencia Orange is to allow it all the time it needs to come to full maturity. Longer on the tree means it soaks up more sunshine and produces more natural sugars…

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Oranges & Chocolate Eggs

Scrumptious selections for the purists on your list. Here's our popular fruit-and-chocolate combo gift, picked, packed and rushed fresh from the grove. Exclusive new Grove Select Oranges, garnished with Milk Chocolate Eggs.


Holiday Orange SUNsation

Hand-picked, fresh from the groves! 3 unique varieties, 20 delicious oranges! Experience the Florida fresh sunshine flavor of our juicy Holiday Orange SUNsation! Hand-picked and hand-packed, these oranges are then hand-delivered to your door just days after leaving the trees. Enjoy grove-fresh…


Navel Oranges & Grapefruit

…and shipped in our custom-designed gift trays. Designed with quality in mind, our trays cradle fruit so it arrives to you perfectly ripe, and ready to enjoy. No gift-wrap needed! Contents 1 Tray: 7 Navel Oranges & 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit Sampler Tray: 3 Navel Oranges & 2 Ruby Red Grapefruit

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Red Navel Oranges & Grove Navels

Surprise them with an orange of a different color! Pair our delicious Holiday Red Navels with our traditional Grove Navels.  Enjoy both the gorgeous, deep red flesh and luscious, spicy-sweet flavor of Holiday Red Navels and the balanced, sweet taste of our Grove Navels.  A terrific gift solution for…

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Valencia Oranges

Orange is that it requires more time on the tree to come to full maturity. Longer on the tree means it soaks up more sunshine and natural sugars than any other citrus fruit variety. Perfect for fresh eating, sectioning, or juicing for everyday breakfast. Contents: 1 tray contains 12 Valencia Oranges

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Holiday Red Navel Oranges

Surprise them with an orange of a different color! Gorgeous, deep red flesh and luscious, spicy sweet flavor make this one truly unique. Filled with wonderfully rich nectar, they're a very special treat for the most selective orange lover. Holiday Red Navel Oranges are available in limited…

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