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Heritage Navel Oranges

…100 years old. Through all those years, they've been nurtured, pruned and pampered into producing the extraordinary fruit we’ll be packing and shipping to you this spring. These oranges taste better because mature trees spend less energy on new growth – and more energy on producing rich, luscious,…

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Starting at $24.99

Treasure Coast Trio

…says “Florida fresh” like a big, beautiful boxful of fragrant, glowing citrus fruit. When you order, our experts will select, pack and ship only the very finest examples of each: Rich juicy Tangerines, sweet Navel Oranges, and famous Ruby Red Grapefruit. Includes a BONUS gift of four…

Starting at $34.99

Honey-Sweet Tangerines

…to eat. We guarantee these extraordinary Tangerines are unlike any you've ever tasted or peeled. Our thin-skinned beauties magically "unzip" to reveal a heavenly sweetness. Picked, packed and shipped with special care - Hale's Treasure Coast Tangerines are a favorite of family and friends.

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Starting at $24.99

Buy 12 Honeybells Get 12 More Pieces Free

…off the tree at its peak, hand-packed, then rushed to you days off the tree in January. Treat yourself or give as gifts. Note $5.98 shipping and handling. Shipping will be in one carton to one address. Not available with any other offer or on previous purchases. Offer available while supplies last.

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Sweet Georgia Peaches

…juiciness and flavor. Whether you enjoy them whole, sliced, or smothered in cream, you’ll want to order your supply before the growing season ends. Note: Peaches do not ship to P.O. Boxes, California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada. $9.98 shipping and processing per package.

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Starting at $29.99

Honeybell Gift Box

Experience the rare pleasure known only to Florida Fruit Connoisseurs with this exclusive 40% OFF offer with Free Shipping! A once-a-year citrus sensation! There isn’t a citrus that can compare to the taste of legendary Hale Honeybells – a cross between the Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit.…


Sunshine Special Navels & Grapefruit

Send a box of Florida Sunshine. Nothing warms a chilly day like receiving a big box or our fresh, bright citrus. We guaranteed it is picked at its peak ripeness and hand packed for shipping within days of leaving the grove. The only way to get it fresher is to pick it yourself.


Orchard Fresh Peaches

Ever wish the peach season could last longer? Now it can! Leave it to the fruit aficionados at Hale Groves. We've found a peach grower who shares our passion for growing, picking, packing and shipping nothing but the best quality fruit for the folks who love it most.

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Starting at $29.99

Pear and Apple Special

…got a very special offer for you. Choose 20 of our delicious, juicy D'Anjou Pears, 20 Crisp Orchard Apples, or a combination box of 10 each. A welcome gift for students, perfect for snacking, salads or desserts, order now before they're gone for another season. Shipping is included in the price.

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Starting at $29.99

Peak of the Season™ Plan

…in January * Temple Oranges in February * Golden Nugget Tangerines in March * Spring Tangelos in April * Grove Navels in May And the best part... * You'll get FREE SHIPPING * You'll Save 22% off our regular catalog prices. * You'll only pay when each fruit selection is shipped, only $29.98 per box

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Mini Honeybells

…days off the tree in January. Treat yourself or give as gifts. Pre-order now to reserve your share of this year’s crop with this introductory offer. * Plus $5.98 shipping and processing. Ships in one carton to one address. Limited time offer good while supplies last. Not valid with any other offer.

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Buy One Get One Free Honeybells

…friends and family. Each tray is 9 lbs and approximately 12 pieces. Shipment will be in one carton to one address. Prices and discounts are exclusive of applicable shipping charges of $9.98 per shipment and cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. Offer available while supplies last.

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