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Feel Good Oranges

When life gives you lemons - try our Oranges instead! This bright, beaming new gift is guaranteed to bring smiles to kids, grandparents, or anyone who needs a midwinter pick-me-up. We'll deliver our sweetest, best-tasting Oranges - wrapped as shown.

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Honeybell Smiles

Share the best of Hale with friends and family Guaranteed to bring smiles to kids, grandparents or anyone who needs a midwinter treat. We’ll deliver nine of our sweetest, juiciest Honeybells, wrapped as shown. A healthy and happy surprise!


Citrus Tool Kit

…Spoons feature a serrated edge, are stainless steel spoons and easily separate the peel from the membrane. The edge is smoother than most serrated spoons, so it won't cut your mouth. And Hale's EZ Citrus Peeler slices right through the peel, make perfect smiles all the time. All are dishwasher safe.


Honeybell Kisses

Sweet wishes for Valentine’s – or any day. This gift box features 16 snack-sized Hale Honeybells, wrapped as shown, surrounded by our Honeybell candy and gourmet chocolate lips. The same fabulous fruit you’ve come to expect, now packed in a special, smile-making box. The Honeybell Gift Card: When…

Related Categories Orange