Grapefruit Spoons

Perfect for slicing into grapefruit wedges The serrated edge on Hale's stainless steel spoons easily separate the peel from the membrane to make sure you get every juicy morsel of delicious fruit. Also suitable for use with oranges. Dishwasher safe. Set of 4.

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Citrus Tool Kit

…Grapefruit Spoons and EZ Citrus Peeler Designed by the fruit lovers at Hale, our Citrus Knife quickly separates the fruit from the membrane. The serrated blade is perfectly shaped to prepare a citrus salad. The 4 Grapefruit Spoons feature a serrated edge, are stainless steel spoons and easily…


Treasure Coast Trio

…of fragrant, glowing citrus fruit. When you order, our experts will select, pack and ship only the very finest examples of each: Rich juicy Tangerines, sweet Navel Oranges, and famous Ruby Red Grapefruit. Includes a BONUS gift of four grapefruit spoons as a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Starting at $34.99

Comice Pears

A holiday classic—these are some of our very best! Delicately flavored and so creamy you can actually eat them with a spoon. Grown in one of the few orchards in the Pacific Northwest that shares our passion for quality, these pears join an elite circle of fruit varieties that have earned the Hale…

Starting at $32.99