Spring Citrus Collection


Spring Citrus Collection

Spring is the only time you can order this trio of our bestselling varieties in a single gift box. For a few brief weeks this spring, these three varieties are ripe and ready at the very same moment. Fresh, fragrant and heavy with juice, we rush them straight from the grove to your doorstep. It’s a…


Grove Favorites Trio

What’s better than sending our famous citrus, straight from the groves? Sending three of our most popular types, together! Honey-Sweet Tangerines, Grove Navel Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit are packed with care in our exclusive gift box.


The Flamingo Assortment

…winter gift with our three best-selling varieties. These are a favorite for a reason - with flavors that range from bright and sweet to pleasantly tart, this selection has a little bit of everything that we love about citrus. * Grove Select Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Honey Sweet Tangerines

Starting at $39.99

Navel Oranges & Grapefruit

Send 2 boxes and save - Click here to see special offer One taste and you’ll see why this is one of the most-requested combinations year after year. Our Grove Navel Oranges are prized for their rich flavor and extraordinary quality, and our plump, thin-skinned Ruby Red Grapefruit are so naturally…

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Starting at $24.99


A sampler version of our popular Flamingo assortment. Three of our favorite—and most flavorful—varietals in one sweet box. It’s a perfect array of some of our best-selling fruits. Contents: * Grove Select Oranges * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Ruby Red Grapefruit


Treasure Coast Trio

…Tangerines - picked fresh and delivered pronto. Nothing says “Florida fresh” like a big, beautiful boxful of fragrant, glowing citrus fruit. When you order, our experts will select, pack and ship only the very finest examples of each: Rich juicy Tangerines, sweet Navel Oranges,…

Starting at $34.99

Wooden Fruit Bowl

Our delicious fresh fruit is irresistible piled high in a rustic wood bowl. Choose from 2 options: All Citrus (item 2592): * Grove Navel Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Honey-Sweet Tangerines Mixed fruit (item 2593): * D’Anjou Pears * Orchard Apples * Grove Navel Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit…

Starting at $59.99

Grove Navel Oranges

…sweetness from the sun … and we deliver it, bright and beautiful. Our seedless navel oranges are an old-Florida classic. Like all of our premium citrus, each piece of fruit must pass at least six levels of inspection before it meets our standard for quality. Balanced, fragrant, and full of juice,…

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Starting at $24.99

Grove Holiday Fruit Basket

Six best-selling varieties in one distinctive gift basket. Send an unexpected delivery of our highest-quality fruit that’s just not available anywhere else. We nestle it inside a rustic basket lined with a plaid holiday towel for a festive and sweet gift. Contents: * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Grove…


Honey-Sweet Tangerines

The fruit kids ask for because it's sweet and easy to eat. We guarantee these extraordinary Tangerines are unlike any you've ever tasted or peeled. Our thin-skinned beauties magically "unzip" to reveal a heavenly sweetness. Picked, packed and shipped with special care - Hale's Treasure…

Starting at $24.99

Old Florida Orchard Crate

Evoke the old-world charm of citrus groves with this wood crate. We’ve collected some of our favorites for a delicious and festive assortment ideal for sharing in an office, or as a thank-you to a gracious host. * Grove Navel Oranges * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Chocolate…