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Orlando Tangelos

…sections of juicy goodness inside. A full-bodied flavor that beats many oranges! Tangelos are in limited supply. They reach their peak of juiciness just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Florida Tangelos are so popular because they combine the exquisite flavors of tangerine and white…

Starting at $24.98

Outrageous Oranges!

Rushed to you sweet, juicy and out of this world. Give golden nuggets loaded with flavor, handpicked and shipped as soon as they're ripe. Contents: * Honey-Sweet Tangerines * Grove Navel Oranges * Hale Sugar Belles


Everything Under the Sun

…together in a premium gift. Share a taste of the best with friends and family with a box brimming with: * Ruby Red Grapefruits * Sweet White Grapefruit * Deep Red Grapefruit * Grove Navel Oranges * Orlando Tangelos * Honey-Sweet Tangerines That's a lot of sunshine and goodness to fit into one gift!

Starting at $44.98

Grove Favorites Trio

What’s better than sending our famous citrus, straight from the groves? Sending three of our most popular types, together! Honey-Sweet Tangerines, Grove Navel Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit are packed with care in our exclusive gift box.


Orlando Tangelos & Ruby Red Grapefruit

Just in time for the holidays... Fresh Florida Tangelos are a hybrid specialty fruit that wears a thin "zipper-skin" that slips off effortlessly to reveal sun-ripened sections of juicy goodness inside. They're paired in this gift with Hale's word-renowned Indian RiverRuby Red Grapefruit…

Starting at $24.98

Season Sampler

Fruit-lover’s variety! A delicious way to send season’s greetings. A beautiful gift box filled with sweet Orlando Tangelos, creamy D’Anjou pears and crisp Orchard Apples.


Simply Spectacular

Perfect for singles and smaller families. A smaller version of our customer favorite, the Orange Extravaganza. Contents: * 4 Honey-Sweet Tangerines * 4 Grove Navel Oranges * 4 Mini Max Red Navels

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Six Kinds of Sweetness

…assortment in a size that's perfect for singles, couples, or smaller offices. They'll get all seven kinds of sensational citrus - and you'll get nothing but thanks. * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Sweet White Grapefruit * Deep Red Grapefruit * Grove Navel Oranges * Orlando Tangelos * Honey-Sweet Tangerines

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Holiday Orange SUNsation

…leaving the trees. Enjoy grove-fresh flavor in every healthy bite. Buy for yourself and as gifts. * 5 Tangerines - Rich sweet flavor, thin easy-to-peel skin * 10 Navel Oranges - Everyone's favorite juicy-sweet seedless orange * 5 Tangelos - Extra juicy tangerine-grapefruit cross, peels instantly

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Shareable Treats Gift Tower

They’ll love this exclusive new gift the moment it arrives! Here’s an easy way to delight the whole family with distinctive treats they just won’t find anywhere else. Inside: Four fabulous Hale Select Oranges , fresh off the tree, lush, creamy Comice Pears, crisp Chocolate Chip…


Four Times Four

…what makes our fruit so special. This kind of premium, high quality, great-tasting fruit that citrus connoisseurs believe is some of the best eating in the world. Best yet: We'll deliver it direct to their doorstep. Contents: * Grove Navel Oranges * Orchard Apples * Orlando Tangelos * D’Anjou Pears

Starting at $34.98

The Five Favorites Collection

…been looking for: our 5 -in-1 Collection delivers delicious flavor by the box full - whether you give it as a gift or order one for your own family, they are truly winter's brightest jewels. Contents: * Grove Navel Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * D'Anjou Pears * Orchard Apples * Orlando Tangelos

Starting at $32.98
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