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Sweet White Grapefruit

…the past Ripened fully on the tree, our Sweet White Grapefruit are a welcome guest at any connoisseur's table. Known for their thin, smooth skin and big roll-up-your-sleeves flavor. Contents: 1 Tray: 6-8 Sweet White Grapefruit Sampler Tray: 3-4 Sweet White Grapefruit Fruit counts are approximate and…

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Easter Sampler

…bundle of springy treats, perfect for sharing. A little sweet, a little tart – our juicy springtime citrus is a perfect partner for silky milk chocolate and jelly beans. Includes Grove Select Oranges, Tangerines, Jelly Beans and Milk Chocolate Eggs. All packed in our cheery green and white gift box.

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Everything Under the Sun

…packaged together in a premium gift. Share a taste of the best with friends and family with a box brimming with: * Ruby Red Grapefruits * Sweet White Grapefruit * Deep Red Grapefruit * Grove Navel Oranges * Orlando Tangelos * Honey-Sweet Tangerines That's a lot of sunshine and goodness to fit into…

Six Kinds of Sweetness

…assortment in a size that's perfect for singles, couples, or smaller offices. They'll get all seven kinds of sensational citrus - and you'll get nothing but thanks. * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Sweet White Grapefruit * Deep Red Grapefruit * Grove Navel Oranges * Orlando Tangelos * Honey-Sweet Tangerines

Grapefruit Trio

…the very best varieties of grapefruit grown anywhere today. Our generous grapefruit extravaganza includes Sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, Dazzling Deep Red Grapefruit, and Sweet White Grapefruit. For grapefruit-lovers, gifts just don’t get any better than this. Better order for your own household, too.

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Orlando Tangelos

…juiciness just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Florida Tangelos are so popular because they combine the exquisite flavors of tangerine and white grapefruit for a truly unique delicious taste. Order early and reserve your gifts of grove fresh FloridaTangelos! These go well with our Ruby Red…

Sweet Six Citrus Collection

…for Christmas, we'll send your recipients a special card in December to announce that your gift will arrive in January, at is peak of freshness and flavor. Contents: * Hale Honeybells * Grove Navel Oranges * Ruby Red Grapefruit * Sweet White Grapefruit * Deep Red Grapefruit * Honey-Sweet Tangerines

Grapefruit 6-Packs

This popular gift offers big juicy beauties so sweet, there's no need for sugar! It's a thoughful choice for the grapefruit lovers on your list. Choose from our world famous Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit, Sweet Whites, Deep Reds or an assortment of all 3. A great gift at a terrific price!

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Related Categories White Grapefruit | Grapefruit