Hale Indian River Grapefruit-- so sweet you can skip the sugar! There's no mistaking Hales world-renowned Ruby Red, White and Deep Red Grapefruit They're plump, thin skinned and dripping with nature's wholesome healthy juice. Hand selected from the finest growing region in the world, and carefully packed to bring maximum enjoyment to your lucky gift recipients... and to you!

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Jolly Holiday Tray - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

Jolly Holiday Tray

Fruitful Assortment - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

The North South Assortment

The Pelican - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

The Spring Pelican

Fabulous Florida Five Citrus Gift Box

Florida Five with Honeybells

Hales All Seasons Fruit Basket

All Seasons Fruit Basket

4 favorite orange variety gift box

Big 4 Flavor Variety Box

Seagrass Centerpiece Gift Basket

Seagrass Centerpiece Basket

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