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Add Honeybells to Your Diet to Boost Your Health

By Sandy Sachs. March 31, 2010.

During the winter thousands of people experience seasonal depression and other health problems.  After the excitement of the winter holidays when winter settles in and the weather is cold and dreary it is very common to start coming down with colds or flu or end up with other illnesses.  Eating bright, delicious and nutritiousl Honeybells can help you break out of the winter blues and stay healthy.  Each sweet Honeybell has half of the Vitamin C that you should be eating every day to stay healthy, and the other vitamins and minerals in citrus fruits like the Honeybell tangelo can help you fight off common winter illnesses.

After the holidays many people feel out of balance because of all the sugary treats and other special foods they ate too much of. It can be difficult to go back to a healthy eating routine that doesn't include so many sweet treats and rich and fatty foods and drinks.  If you find yourself craving sugary snacks and desserts after the holidays try replacing cookies and cakes with sweet Honeybells or other sweet citrus fruits.  Eating sweet citrus fruits is a great way to indulge your sweet tooth and satisfy a craving for something sweet without loading up on calories and fat from leftover cookies, pies and cakes.  Honeybell juice can add natural sweetness to many foods and eliminate the need to use refined sugar. Honeybell juice also is packed with natural antioxidants that will help your body create new, healthy cells which will keep you feeling good even during the cold and dark of winter.

Some citrus fruits like Honeybells and oranges can even cut your risk of developing cancer.  Studies have shown that eating Honeybells and other citrus fruits can decrease the risk of stomach and mouth cancer by as much as 50% in most people.  Just eating a Honeybell with your morning toast or having an orange as a snack in the afternoon can keep you from getting cancer. If you order citrus fruit like Honeybells or oranges by the box then you will always have plenty of fresh and delicious citrus fruits on hand whenever you want a healthy and great tasting sweet snack.  If you want to be more festive order a decorative basket or bowl of oranges, Honeybells, Clementines or other citrus fruits to use as a centerpiece or as a decoration.  Keeping fresh citrus fruit readily available will remind you to eat healthy snacks this winter.


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