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Lose Those Holiday Pounds with Honeybells

By Sandy Sachs. March 31, 2010.

The holidays are winding down and if you are like most people you have put on a few pounds during the holiday season that you now want to take off.  Statistics show that the average person gains about five pounds during the holidays. Five pounds is not a lot of weight, but it can be enough to change the way your clothes fit and make you uncomfortable.  The first thing that you need to do to lose those holiday pounds is get back into a healthy eating regimen. Adding delicious Honeybells to your post-holiday diet is a fantastic way to give yourself a sweet reward that is also healthy.  

Honeybells have less than one hundred calories per fruit, and are full of delicious fruit and super sweet juice.  If you are having trouble giving up sweets after the holidays which are full of cakes, cookies, pies and other treats you can substitute a sweet Honeybell for sugary desserts and snacks.  That way you can still have the sweet taste you are craving but you will be eating less than one hundred calories and you will be getting a shot of much needed vitamins and minerals. Honeybells, like other citrus fruits, contain natural pectin, which will help you feel full and eat less. So even though you are only eating one fruit, which has less than one hundred calories, you will feel as if you had a big snack and you will not be hungry again for a long time. Cutting down on the amount of calories that you consume and eating sweet Honeybells or other citrus fruits instead of eating more cookies, pies, and other sweets will help you drop those holiday pounds fast.

The juice from Honeybells can also be used as a healthy sugar alternative when you are cooking.  You can add naturally sweet Honeybell juice to smoothies, beverages, cookies, cakes and other foods to add sweetness without adding calories.  You can also use Honeybell juice in place of syrup on ice cream, pancakes, and other foods.  Using citrus fruit juice in sauces and other recipes is a very smart way to reduce the overall calorie count of the dish while still adding a touch of sweetness.  Using Honeybell tangelo juice will also give your recipes a nutritional boost that will you feel better and fight off illnesses and more easily. When you feel better, you will make better food choices.


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