Honeybells & Navel Oranges
Hale Groves Honeybells and Navel Oranges

Arrive fresher, taste better, because they're straight off the tree!

Everyone loves to get a gift as bright, fragrant and impressive as this one. That's because we pack it with some prime examples of Florida's finest- the sweetest, best-tasting fruit under the Florida sun! This gift includes 16 of our sweet seedless Navel Oranges, plus 8 of Hale's signature Honeybells. But hurry: They're available only in January-and we usually sell out early.

Honeybell Announcement Card:  When you order Honeybell gifts for Christmas, we'll send your recipients a special gift card in December to announce that your gift will arrive in January, at its peak of freshness and flavor.


8 Hale Honeybells

16 Navel Oranges

Honeybell Ecard

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Honeybells & Navel Oranges

Available January 08, 2018 - February 09, 2018

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Honeybells & Navel Oranges

Item #: 2010CN
Approx. 14 lbs.

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