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Organic Mail Order Fruit Baskets

By Sandy Sachs. February 5, 2011.

The popularity of organic foods has been on the rise for the past twenty years. According to reliable estimates, sales of organic foods have increased by roughly twenty percent each year since 1990. Organic food currently account for 1-2 percent of food sales each year. What exactly is an organic food?

The word organic refers to the way the food is cultivated. Like kosher and other specialty foods, organic foods must be grown according to certain rules. The pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers that are used to help the fruit, vegetable, or animal grow must be organic. The foods must not contain artificial food additives or be processed by non-organic methods like chemical ripening or with genetically modified ingredients.

Are organic foods better for us? That’s hard to say. But many people simply assume that they are. As a result, organic fruits and vegetable are extremely popular for people with small children. These young parents often worry that harmful chemicals and pesticides may adversely affect their child’s development.  So, they choose to feed them organic produce instead.

Of course, nothing has been proven conclusively. We do not know if organic foods are, in fact, better for us. But we do know that organic foods do not produce measurable levels of pesticides in the body, and regular diets do. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

However, we feel confident in recommending an organic diet, especially when it comes to healthy fruits and vegetables. Studies have confirmed that certain fruits and vegetable are virtual magnets for pesticides. Popular fruits like grapes, apples, and pears have consistently returned higher level of pesticides when tested. In the next few paragraphs we will discuss the many health benefits of organic mail order fruit baskets.

Not surprisingly, the popularity of organic fruit baskets has coincided with recent increase in demand for organic foods. Most organic baskets contain popular fruits like apples, bananas, and apples. If you are looking for more exotic fruits like kiwis and papayas, they may be hard to find.

Why do people like them? Though it has never been proven, many fruit lovers claim that organic fruits simply taste better. This may have something to do with the pesticides that are used or with the way the fruit is grown.

Because of the price, most organic mail order fruit baskets are ordered and send as corporate gifts. Perhaps these folks are simply trying to impress their business partners or clients with expensive gifts. And the baskets are quite costly. On average, an organic fruit basket costs about 25-50 percent more than a traditional one.

What do we recommend? For adults who have been consuming pesticides all their lives, we wouldn’t worry. But for new parents who are concerned about residual pesticide levels and the effect they might have on their children, we suggest forking over the extra 25 to 50 percent just to be sure. 

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