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Sweet Georgia Peaches
Georgia Peaches: Georgia Peaches For Sale Online

The stuff of legend: Someone you know deserves a treat like this.

Our Georgia Peaches arrive earlier and taste fresher than peaches from other growing regions. Nothing captures the joy of the season quite like them. We hand-select only the top few percent that meet our standards for fragrance, juiciness and flavor. Whether you enjoy them whole, sliced, or smothered in cream, you’ll want to order your supply before the growing season ends.

Note:  Peaches do not ship to P.O. Boxes, California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada. $9.99 shipping and processing per package.

Review Summary


5 Exceeded expectations
from wrote (July 18, 2014):
We were delighted with these peaches. Peaches are my favorate fruit and these are everything your brochure said they would be, and more. They were so sweet it was almost like eating candy. The packaging was excellent and the fruit arrived in perfect condition. Peeled and sliced they did not need sugar like most grocery store peaches. Thanks for the treat!
5 The Peaches were really good
from wrote (September 30, 2013):
We received fruits for a few years now and really like the Peaches we received last June. They were out of this world.
5 The Best Peaches you will ever eat.
from wrote (August 03, 2013):
The best peaches I have ever eaten. Didn't even want to use them for baking as they were wonderful and juicy eating out of the box. Do not need to slice and sugar. Did use some for baking and made homemade cobble and crisp and was the best have ever made. Wish I had bought more. Dang wish they were available for a longer time. All year long would be great! The price for these gems is well wor
5 SWEET and JUICY peaches
from wrote (July 12, 2013):
If you cut up this fruit you are safe to eat it and stay clean. If you just eat this fruit by biting into it, you better be standing over the sink or sitting in the bathtub because this fruit is so juicy you will have it everywhere! A small price to pay to enjoy this absolutely delicious peach! The whole family loved them and we are actually on our second order this year. Thanks Hale!
5 Just like you picked each one yourself!
from wrote (July 05, 2013):
These are just like the peaches I remember as a kid and haven't been able to find anywhere. Packed like little blushing jewels, each one is a little treasure. My granddaughter ate 4 the day they arrived. My 2nd order is on the way! You HAVE to try some!!
5 The Best Peach I Have Ever Eaten
from wrote (July 25, 2012):
These were the best peaches I have ever eaten in my life. My sister also ate one and she expressed the same sentiment
5 The juice ran down my chin!
from wrote (June 21, 2012):
Good Peaches!!!!
5 Best peaches in years
from wrote (August 05, 2011):
These arrived as an anniversary gift and I don't want to share them with my husband, who's out of town. I've been buying tons of boxes of peaches this season from farmers' markets, groceries, etc, and these are by far the best. Too juicy, sweet, and flavorful to share, and not a blemish on even one! It's hard to justify[$]/lb for peaches, but these are bar none in the peach world. I hope there are
from wrote (August 17, 2010):
These peaches were excellent. Big, juicy and very flavorful. [...] They were very large peaches, very fresh and delicious. You can't find a peach like this at the grocery store. They were a little pricey. I received 13 peaches and paid, including shipping, over [$]. Thats almost [$] a peach! But I will say that they were worth it. I wouldn't buy them often but once or twice a year it's a n
5 Yum !
from wrote (July 01, 2010):
gave some as a gift, but felt like they were being torn out of my hands, wanted to keep them all
5 Sweet and Juicy
from wrote (June 21, 2010):
Great peaches. Loaded with wonderful peach flavor and dripping with juice! Thank you.

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