The Flamingo Assortment
The Flamingo Assortment

Our most popular winter gift with our three best-selling varieties.

These are a favorite for a reason - with flavors that range from bright and sweet to pleasantly tart, this selection has a little bit of everything that we love about citrus.

  • Grove Select Oranges
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Honey Sweet Tangerines

Review Summary


5 Sooo Juicy
from wrote (December 19, 2013):
We received this as a thank-you gift last week. All of the fruit was in perfect condition. The pink grapefruits were particularly good. They are so juicy - forget about a bib, you need a smock! I tried to order the same for xmas gifts for my family. Unfortunately they wouldn't arrive in time so we're going to give the sugarbells a try!
5 A wonderful surprise gift
from wrote (November 23, 2011):
We just received the Flamingo Assortment as a gift and immediately tasted each of the fruits. Each of the fruits was as wonderful as we had hoped. Living in Wyoming it has been difficult to get fresh, delicious citrus fruit like we enjoyed while living in the south. Now that we know about Hale Groves we will be treating ourselves to delicious citrus on a regular basis! This is a wonderful gift for
5 Great Christmas tradition
from wrote (December 11, 2010):
My family sends these every Christmas as tradition. I always look forward to the fruit. Best I've ever had!
5 I would buy this again!
from wrote (October 21, 2010):
I've bought from Hale for over 15 years. Love the navel oranges, all of the varieties are juicy and taste great.

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The Flamingo Assortment

Available November 07, 2016 - April 14, 2017

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