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Valencia Oranges

Enjoy the delicious gift of healthy sunshine with Valencia oranges. They're filled with juice and are perfect for fresh eating, sectioning or juicing. Try this delicious peak flavor with these golden skinned delights!

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Pick of the Crop gift assortment

Pick-of-the-Crop Collection

Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

Starting at $26.98
5 Star
Hale Groves classic sampler fruit gift basket

Imperial Classic Sampler Gift Basket

Thank-You Basket - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

Thank-You Basket

hale groves fruit baskets and fruit gifts

Healthful Snack Box

Special Occasion  Basket Box

Special Occasion Basket Box

Starting at $44.98
Celebration Gift Box

Celebration Gift Box

Starting at $32.98
Spring Connoisseurs - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

Spring Connoisseur's Collection

5 Star
Triple Delight - Hale Groves - Fruit Baskets

Bountiful Harvest

All About Citrus Basket with Seasonal Oranges

Abundance Fruit Basket

Hale Groves imperial deluxe gift fruit basket

Imperial Classic Deluxe Gift Basket

Old Florida Crate

Old Florida Crate

Starting at $59.98
5 Star
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