Florida Tangerines, Honeybells & More

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169-spring-conn-collectionSpring is?a celebration of nature as everything sprouts and flowers awaken with new life. This is our harvest time for some delectable citrus and
sweet super foods?like navel oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and just picked from the trees fresh tangerines. Talk about awakening with new life, offering your family the freshness of Florida?tangerines for breakfast is the perfect start to a new day. We offer navels and honey bell varieties, oranges and tangerines. Some of which can be?easily peeled by “unzipping” the skin, great for the younger kids and even our seniors who find easy to peel fruit more accessible.

Hale Groves? freshly picked tangerine?selections?offered during the harvest season includes our sweetest?Indian River?Honeybells, the most popular?Mandarin?tangerine, and?a selection of spring’s juiciest fruits with juicy Valencia?Oranges, Treasure Coast Tangerines, and Ruby Red Grapefruit. Customers who regularly buy tangerines from Hale Groves enjoy the best quality fruit selections, inspected for perfection and packaged?by hand. Our Florida fruits are refreshing, packed with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, and cared for through every step of the growing process to provide you with exceptional fruit. Our quality is our trademark; you will be delighted when?we deliver your package straight to your door or we’ll make it right!

You can?capture?the elation of?springtime with this special item, Hale’s Legendary Spring Flamingo,?the perfect assortment of top quality citrus for the fresh fruit connoisseur. You’ll find grove fresh oranges, sweet and juicy tangerines, and the best of crop grapefruit in this handpicked selection. Our Lasting Impressions Basket is the perfect housewarming gift, congratulations for a job promotion, or a centerpiece for a special event or occasion. Delight your guests with this sunshine themed basket loaded to capacity with the?bounty?of Florida’s fruit and gourmet nibblers. It’s a grower’s choice of fruits, nuts, orange candy confections, orange blossom honey, and?orange?marmalade!

Check out our website for our seasonal calendar of?delicious gifts and tempting surprises. You’ll find gifts perfect for Mother’s Day,?Graduations, and birthday celebrations as well.

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