When are Navel Oranges in Season?

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Navel oranges are one of the most classic varieties of citrus available. Prized for their mild, sweet flavor and versatility, navels are so called because of their distinctive stem end which resembles a belly button!

Peak season for Florida navel oranges is October through February, perfect timing for sending as a holiday gift, or as a sweet surprise to brighten someone?s winter day. We select only the best fruit, hand pick them, and carefully pack them by hand for flawless delivery.

Hale Groves offers three types of Navel Oranges:?Grove Navels,?Heritage Navels?and?Red Navels. Grove Navel Oranges, typically sold in December, have the classic taste of old-Florida citrus.

Heirloom trees grow the most flavorful fruit, and?Heritage Navel Oranges?are grown on 50- to 100-year-old trees that have been nurtured and pruned. Because mature trees spend less energy on new growth, these navel oranges offer mouthwateringly sweet citrus flavor in every single bite.

Holiday Red Navel Oranges?are truly unique, with their deep red flesh and sweet flavor?they are a wonderful surprise for citrus lovers. Red Navels?from Florida are an incredibly special treat on their own, but you can also peel slices to serve in salads, desserts or as a side dish. Holiday Red Navel Oranges are available in limited quantities in early December; purchase as soon as they are released because quantities are limited.

Our large Navel Oranges are seedless, easy to peel, and filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Even large Navel Oranges are under 100 calories, and bursting with sweet, fragrant juice.

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