Orange Pancakes Recipe

The Hale Groves Team


1 ½ cups of pancake mix
½ cup no-fat milk water
½ cup orange juice
4 egg whites
1 teaspoon of orange extract
1 orange zested
Pam spray


I like Arrowhead Mills pancake mixes.  They have a variety of them – buckwheat, whole-wheat, multigrain, etc.

Just mix up all the above to the consistency you like for thickness by adding more of the pancake mix to make a crepe style pancake.  So you can roll them and fill them with All Fruit and lemon juice or low salt fat-free pie fillings (Pet Cherry) and top them with the low or no-fat version of Cool Whip.  This makes an awesome desert.  The orange flavor combined with the spongy quality of the cakes due to the egg whites is really a wonderful treat.

You can adapt this recipe to French toast too.  Just mix together the egg whites and the orange juice and orange extract, plus add some cinnamon.  It is especially good when using a heavy whole grain breads, heavy breads or fruit bread that’s gone stale.


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