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Farm Fresh Nectarines

NEW! Smooth-skinned nectarines taste of summertime.

Savor the sweet, irresistible taste of Hale Groves Nectarines, the summer peach’s smooth-skinned cousin! These scarlet-and-gold beauties are unlike any you’ll find in the grocery store, because our farmers leave them on the tree until they’ve reached their peak of sweet, succulent flavor. The flesh of our nectarines is soft and yellow, with a sweet, peach-like flavor that has citrus undertones.

Grown in sunny California’s San Joaquin Valley, juicy nectarines are a perfect summertime treat eaten fresh out of hand. You can also use them exactly as you would a peach – add slices to your salad, breakfast cereal or iced tea. You can also grill them or use them in a baked cobbler – unlike peaches, nectarines don’t need to be peeled before you bake with them!

  • Juicy and fresh yellow and red nectarines
  • Hand-picked at their maximum sweetness and rushed to your door
  • Use as a topping for salads, yogurt, fruit bowls, iced tea or fresh out of hand
  • Grill or add to baked goods instead of peaches for a unique flavor
  • Fresh nectarines make a great gift for Father’s Day or just because

Leave it to the fruit aficionados at Hale Groves. We've found a nectarine grower who shares our passion for growing, picking, packing and shipping nothing but the best quality fruit for the folks who love it most.

Note: Nectarines do not ship to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada.

Farm Fresh Nectarines

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