Orchard Fresh Peaches
Orchard Fresh Peaches
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Spring Peak of Season
Spring Citrus Club
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Citrus Lovers 3 Month Plan - Combo
Citrus Lovers Fruit Club - 3 month - Mixed
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Holiday Fruit Rainbow callout Fruit Rainbow
Holiday Fruit Rainbow
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Mini Fruit Rainbow
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Holiday Colors Basket callout Holiday Colors Basket
Holiday Colors Basket
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Georgia Peaches: Georgia Peaches For Sale Online
Sweet Georgia Peaches
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Colorful Fruit Basket Box callout Colorful Fruit Basket Box
Colorful Fruit Basket Box
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VIP Variety Box
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Our grower-owned fresh fruit business began in 1947 and although many things have changed since then, the way we harvest and carefully package our products has not. Hale’s delicious fruits are harvested at peak ripeness and never stored or warehoused, to ensure grove-to-table fresh flavors. Our Indian River premium citrus fruit like sweet Navel Oranges, prized Honeybells, and juicy Ruby Red Grapefruit are some of the best fruit that can be ordered online, and are promptly delivered to our customers. Savoring Hale’s delicious apples and pears will remind you of homegrown, roadside stand goodness. Take a peek at what we are harvesting now!