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Citrus Lovers Club - 8 month - Mixed

…orange varieties and Ruby Red Grapefruit as a generous gift. Or, order this ongoing supply for your own home to enjoy citrus so good, it’s not available in stores. You’ll SAVE 10% OFF your entire plan. Prices shown already reflect the discount. Fruit Varieties * November - Navel Oranges & Ruby Red…

Starting at $171.99

All Seasons Fruit Club

January Honeybells February Ruby Red Grapefruit March Deep Red Navels April Spring Tangelos May Navel Oranges June Peaches July Bing Cherries August Florida Mangos September Bartlett Pears October Orchard Apples November Navel Oranges December Navel Oranges Honeybells These sunset-orange treats are…

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Starting at $96.99
Related Categories Mango | Honey Mango | Peaches