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Citrus Tool


Citrus Knife

Citrus Knife An essential tool for cutting citrus Designed by the citrus experts at Hale, this knife quickly and easily separates fruit from the membrane. The serrated blade is sharp and perfectly shaped to cut [and peel] fruit without squirting. This knife makes it effortless to section grapefruit,…

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Citrus Tool Kit

Citrus Tool Kit Citrus Knife, 4 Grapefruit Spoons and EZ Citrus Peeler Designed by the fruit lovers at Hale, our Citrus Knife quickly separates the fruit from the membrane. The serrated blade is perfectly shaped to prepare a citrus salad. The 4 Grapefruit Spoons feature a serrated edge, are…

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Citrus Chefs Collection

Gourmet creations made easy and fun! Everything you need to make any citrus recipe, quick and delicious. Includes a stainless steel Citrus Knife, easy-to-use Citrus peeler, and famous-quality Microplane Zesting tool. And to get started off right: a half-dozen of the freshest Hale Oranges of the…