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Honeybell Sampler



…tangerine and grapefruit * Send for a rare treat * 5 gift sizes available Contents * 4 Tray - 48 Honeybells * 3 Tray - 36 Honeybells * 2 Tray - 24 Honeybells * 1 Tray - 12 Honeybells * Sampler Tray - 6 Honeybells Personalize this gift: Call a business gift specialist at 1-800-356-7264 to personalize…

Starting at $29.99

Hale Groves Sugar Belles

…world-famous Honeybells…but that’s only half the story. The whole truth is that our talented fruit experts have finally crossed our own luscious Honeybells with a full-flavored, tangy Clementine. The result: an exceptionally sweet, juicy, zipper-skinned variety – fresh from the grove and ready to…

Starting at $29.99

Save 10% on 2 Shipments of Honeybells

2 Shipments of Honeybells Order two boxes and Save 10%! Everyone who has tried our rare Honeybell citrus can’t get enough of it. Now you can send more and save. We’ll ship one box from our first harvest (in early January) and a second box from our last harvest (in late January or early February).…

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Starting at $53.99

Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit

…freshness and flavor. * Two popular citrus items in one gift * Honeybell oranges are sweet and rare * Indian River Ruby Red grapefruit are sweet and seedless * 5 gift sizes available Contents * 1 Tray: 7 Honeybells and 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit * Sampler Tray: 3 Honeybells and 2 Ruby Red Grapefruit -->

Starting at $28.99

Winter Pelican

…best flavors of Florida right to their doorstep. * Sampler sized citrus trio * Honeybells, Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit * Lots of variety in a compact size * Great gift for any occasion * Our most popular citrus varieties Contents * 4 Honeybells * 4 Grove Navel Oranges * 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit


Citrus Sampler Trays

Citrus Sampler Trays Good things, small packages, great price Our sampler-size trays are the perfect gift solution for individuals, small families, students, teachers, neighbors and more. Each variety features our extraordinary citrus, handpicked at its peak of quality and flavor. There’s something…

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Starting at $27.99

Season Supply Citrus Club Sampler Tray

…first shipment. (Prices shown include the $10.00 discount ) With the all oranges plan you'll receive; * Navel Oranges in November and December * Honeybells in January * Temple Oranges in February * GoldenBelles™ in March * Cara Cara Oranges in April * Grove Navel Oranges in May and June There is a…

Starting at $27.99Starting at $17.99

Honeybells and Grove Navel Oranges

…a Honeybell, a sweet tangerine-grapefruit hybrid. This is a gift they’ll remember. Contents * 4 Tray - 24 Honeybells & 24 Navel Oranges * 3 Tray - 18 Honeybells & 18 Navel Oranges * 2 Tray - 12 Honeybells & 12 Navel Oranges * 1 Tray - 6 Honeybells & 6 Navel Oranges * Sampler Tray - 3 Honeybells & 3…

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Starting at $28.99

Florida Favorites Snack Box

…Florida road trip in a box! This Sunshine State sampler starts with succulent citrus: Ruby Red Grapefruit, Grove Navels and a Honey-Sweet Tangerine. Toasted Coconut Cookies add a taste of the tropics, while Florida Marmalade spreads some sunshine. Honeybell hard candy adds some crunch. This gift is…



GoldenBelles® Fresh from our Spring Harvest GoldenBelles®, our exclusive spring variety of Honeybells, have been handpicked by our expert growers for their unmatched quality. They are are always a sweet treat or gift. The ones from our spring harvest are as fresh as the season itself. Luscious and…

Starting at $29.99