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Peach Sweet

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Sweet Georgia Peaches

Sweet Georgia Peaches It’s more than a fruit. It’s a legend. Our Georgia Peaches are in a class of their own. They arrive earlier and taste fresher than peaches from other growing regions. Here’s their sweet little secret: the region’s hot, humid days and sultry nights mean there’s no cooling…

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Dried Fruit Assortment

…much? With this assortment you can enjoy nature’s candy without the crunch. The heavenly sweetness of our dried Apple Rings, Pitted Prunes, Kiwi, Angelino Plums, Pears, Apricots, Dates and Peaches comes from their own natural sugars. Presented in a reusable wooden tray, they make a lovely,…

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All Seasons Fruit Club

…nine pounds of our sweet Navel Oranges. Your oranges are still on the tree when your order is received, which means they’re picked when perfectly ripe and pass a six-point inspection to meet our highest quality standards. • 12 Navel Oranges • Approx. 9 lbs. Peaches Our Georgia Peaches arrive earlier…

Starting at $99.99

Grand Fruit Nut and Chocolate Gift Tray

…& Chocolate Gift Tray – NEW! Treat your guests to premium, hand-selected treats! Harvest raves reviews with this incredible selection of sweet and chewy dried fruit (nature’s own candy!) combined with the salty flavor of peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, and chocolate covered…


Flower Dried Fruit & Roasted Nut Tray

…and salted crunchy nuts artfully arranged into a blossom shape. Freshly roasted and salted cashews and almonds complement premium dried apricots, peaches, pears, plums, dates, prunes, and coconut date nut rolls for a gourmet snack that’s sure to impress and delight. Net weight: 3 lbs. * Can 2…

Related Categories Peaches | Georgia Peaches | Fruit In Season