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Vip Variety Box-#2018

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Flower Dried Fruit & Roasted Nut Tray

…prunes, and coconut date nut rolls for a gourmet snack that’s sure to impress and delight. Net weight: 3 lbs. * Can 2 varieties of roasted salted nuts complement a variety of premium fruit * Enjoy Roasted Salted Almonds and Roasted Salted Cashews * Dried fruits include Apricots, Peaches,…


Grapefruit Trio

Grapefruit Trio Our 3 best-selling varieties in one sweet gift For grapefruit lovers, gifts just don’t get any better than this. Order some for yourself too, because you can’t find this quality in stores. We promise these are the very best grapefruit you will ever taste! Sweet Ruby Red: From…

Starting at $34.99

Sampler with Golden Belles

Spring Citrus Sampler with Golden Belles


Holiday Flamingo

Holiday Flamingo Citrus Gift Box The best of Florida in a box! Send a variety of our luscious citrus for a gift they’ll never forget. Named for one of Florida’s most celebrated birds, the Flamingo assortment is sure to please. Our signature, seedless Navel Oranges are delivered with our exclusive…


Season Sampler

…of spice. D’Anjou pears are a gourmet favorite, with a creamy texture that pairs well with cheese or just eaten on their own. * Simple and affordable fruit gift * Packed at its peak to arrive fresh * Variety with universal appeal Contents * 3 Grove Navel Oranges * 3 Orchard Apples * 3 D’Anjou Pears

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Savory Selects Basket

…for families. * Fruit gift with savory foods * Great for those hard-to-buy-for people * Ham, cheese, crackers and nuts make this substantial * Variety gift basket Contents * 1 2-3 lb. Peppered Ham * 4 Tangerines * 3 D’Anjou Pears * 3 Orchard Apples * 5 oz. Mixed Nuts * 8 oz. Vintage Cheddar Cheese…

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All Seasons Fruit Basket

…a Ruby Red Grapefruit. Perfectly packed in a stylish chipwood gift basket, guaranteed to arrive fresh and irresistible * Mixed fruit basket * Big variety in a smaller package * Tasteful and affordable gift Contents * 10" Chipwood Basket * 2 Orchard Apples * 2 D’Anjou Pears * 2 Grove Navel Oranges *…

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Grove Valentine Favorites Gift Box

…Valentines Box There’s something for everyone to love in this gift! Our fresh, premium citrus is paired with sweet and savory snacks for a delightful variety of flavors that will appeal to adults and kids alike. Our famously sweet, easy-peel Grove Navel Oranges and tasty, snack-sized Tangerines are…

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Spring Basket Box

…Oranges and Honey-Sweet tangerines are surrounded by Chocolate Chip Cookies, Taffy and Spring Jelly Beans. There’s something for everyone in this variety gift box. As always, our famous citrus is picked and packed at its peak, fresher than anything you’ll find in stores. Paired with cookies and…


Celebration Gift Box

…juicy, easy-peel Tangerines. Our fruit is fresher than anything that can be found in stores. It's sure to make an impression! We've also added in a variety of indulgent treats including our customer favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tropical Taffy, Jelly Beans and Fruit and Nut Snack Mix. Perfect for…

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Starting at $29.99

Holiday Citrus Club

…and Petite Red Navels) in December * Sweet Mini Honeybells in January * Navel Oranges in February You only order once; we’ll pick and pack your selection with a personalized gift message. * 3 month gift program * Save 20% * Each variety is sent in peak season *Sorry, cannot ship item to Alaska/

Starting at $79.99

Winter Pelican

…best flavors of Florida right to their doorstep. * Sampler sized citrus trio * Honeybells, Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit * Lots of variety in a compact size * Great gift for any occasion * Our most popular citrus varieties Contents * 4 Honeybells * 4 Grove Navel Oranges * 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit


Colorful Fruit Basket Box

Colorful Fruit Basket Box 7 fruit varieties in one affordable gift. When you need an affordable gift for singles or smaller households, this one checks all the boxes. It includes a sampling of one each of 7 fruit varieties plus everyone’s favorite: milk chocolate candy. Fruit includes Grapefruit,…

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Hale Classic Gift Box

Hale Classic Gift Box Fruit, cookies and candy for friends and family Send the finest quality fruit—mixed varieties or petite navel oranges—along with cookies and candy for a gift they won’t forget. Sweet, seedless oranges are easy to peel and just the right size for a snack. Choose the Mixed Fruit…

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Starting at $29.99

Sunshine Basket

Sunshine Basket Nothing’s sweeter than our best citrus served up to brighten your day. Three sweet and flavorful varieties of our grove-fresh citrus arrive nestled in a sturdy basket. Includes Grove Select Oranges, Honey-Sweet Tangerines and Ruby Red Grapefruit. Contents * 3 Ruby Red…

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Pears & Chocolates Gift Box

…peak. * Orchard-fresh pears shipped * Affordable gift for any occasion * Great gift for chocolate lovers * A variety of flavors to suit anyone on your gift list * One of the most popular pear varieties Contents * 4 D'Anjou Pears * 3 oz. Toffee Bark * 4 oz. Milk Chocolate Balls * 2 oz. Mixed Nuts

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Holiday Grove Basket

Holiday Grove Basket A gift full of customer favorite fruit, citrus and sweets A cheerful red basket holds six of our most popular varieties of fruits and citrus along with wonderful treats. This delightful gift includes 2 each Grapefruit, Navels, Tangerines, Apples, Petite Cara Cara Oranges and…

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Deluxe Dried Fruit and Nut Gift Tray

…roasted almonds and sweet dark chocolate almonds, butter toffee peanuts, and chocolate cherries adds even more variety to this beautiful tray. Net weight: 4 lbs. * 11 delicious varieties of our premium dried fruits and nuts makes a great gift * Enjoy Roasted Salted Almonds, Butter Toffee Peanuts,…


Savory Gift Box

…with anything else. This gift is so affordable, you can send it to anyone on your list: friends, family and neighbors alike. * Citrus and fruit variety gift * Savory treats include cheese, nuts and cheese straws * Shipped fresh from Florida * Affordable gift * Great flavor pairings Contents * 2…


Seasons Greeting Gift Basket

…Apples, exotic Petite Cara Cara Navels, exquisite Holiday Golds and creamy D’Anjou Pears, your delighted gift recipient will receive a variety of our very best sweet and savory snacks. * Festive basket packed with premium Grove citrus * Extra treats include candy, cookies and nuts * 14-pound…


Hale Grand Gift Assortment

…generous gift is perfect for an office or larger family. * Large holiday food gift * Gift box featuring fruit, sweet and savory treats * A variety of flavors to appeal to many tastes * Easy to give; delivered right to your recipient’s door Contents * 6 Grove Navel Oranges * 3 Ruby Red Grapefruit…

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Deluxe Breakfast Box

…that they'll use over and over again. * All-occasion gift * Great breakfast or brunch gift box * Florida Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit * Food variety gift * Includes grapefruit spoons and honey dipper Contents * 4 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 8 Grove Navel Oranges * 28 oz. Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake…

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Farmstand Gift Bags

…Oranges or a combination of Navels with Ruby Red Grapefruit. Classic Navels are seedless and easy to peel; Ruby Red is the sweetest grapefruit variety and doesn’t need sugar. Get some for family and friends, send to kids in college as a cold-weather warmup, or keep some for yourself.…

Starting at $39.99

Hale Groves Sugar Belles

…finally crossed our own luscious Honeybells with a full-flavored, tangy Clementine. The result: an exceptionally sweet, juicy, zipper-skinned variety – fresh from the grove and ready to enjoy at the holidays. We believe that you and your friends will love them as much as we do. They’re available…

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Starting at $29.99

Deluxe Navels

…wrapped Milk Chocolates and Florida Orange Marmalade. This deluxe gift will appeal to families, friends and clients alike. * Citrus and snack variety gift * Different treats to appeal to everyone in the family * Three sizes to choose from * Our famous Florida Navel oranges paired with sweet snacks…

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Starting at $54.99

GoldenBelles & Ruby Red Grapefruit

…give anything less! You’ll also want a supply for yourself. * GoldenBelles® harvested in spring * Picked fresh at their peak * Hard-to-find citrus variety * A great gift for Easter, Mother’s Day and more Contents * 4 Tray - 28 GoldenBelles® & 12 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 3 Tray - 21 GoldenBelles® & 9…

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Starting at $28.99

Sweet Six Citrus Collection

…are the sweetest under the sun! Our sensational 6-in-one citrus assortment delivers delicious fruit by the box full. Two kinds of oranges, three varieties of grapefruit and our special tangerines make this gift a fragrant, juicy, irresistible Florida treasure. Whether you give it as a gift or order…

Starting at $39.99

Mixed Tangerines and Grove Navels

Tangerine and Grove Navel Orange Combo A sweet mix of our easy-peel varieties These are customer favorites for a reason: both varieties are seedless, extra-sweet and easy to peel. Our thin-skinned Tangerines magically “unzip” to reveal a heavenly sweetness. Perfect for snacking and packing in…

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Starting at $27.99

Presidents Choice

…own Honeybells and full-flavored Clementines, resulting in an extra-sweet, easy-peel citrus variety. Red Navel Oranges have a deep color and luscious, sweet-spicy flavor. * Citrus gift with three varieties * Rare and special oranges * All are nearly seedless and easy to peel * Smaller sized fruit is…


Citrus Lovers Fruit Club - 3 month - All Oranges

…thoughtful gift for family, friends and business associates. We’ll send our best orange varieties in season, including Grove Navel Oranges, Honeybells, Temple Oranges, Cara Cara, and Spring Honeybells. Each variety is a healthful taste treat with its own distinct flavor. PLUS you’ll save 10%. Prices…

Starting at $74.99

All Seasons Fruit Club

…at their finest, bursting with unforgettable flavor. Enjoy a customer favorite shipped fresh off the tree so that you can enjoy this delicious variety at the peak of perfection. • Approx. 3 lbs. Navel Oranges Enjoy nine pounds of our sweet Navel Oranges. Your oranges are still on the tree when…

Starting at $99.99

Mini Fruit Rainbow

Mini Fruit Rainbow 7 fruit varieties in one tasteful gift! A smaller version of our best-selling Holiday Rainbow, this box has something for everyone, all picked at the peak of freshness and rushed to their door. This gift is sized just right for couples and smaller families. Gift box includes…

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GoldenBelle Smiles

GoldenBelle Smiles Send them something to smile about! Our exclusive spring Honeybell, GoldenBelles®, are guaranteed to bring smiles as soon as you take a juicy bite. These are even sweeter because they’re wrapped in smiley faces for a gift that’s not only delicious, but whimsical and fun. Kids,…

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Heritage Valencia Oranges

…time on the tree to come to full maturity. Longer on the tree means it soaks up more sunshine and natural sugars than any other citrus fruit variety. Perfect for fresh eating, sectioning, or juicing for everyday breakfast. Contents: 1 tray contains 12 Valencia Oranges Fruit counts are approximate…

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Starting at $37.99

Heritage Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit

…it needs to come to full maturity. Longer on the tree means it soaks up more sunshine and produces more natural sugars than any other citrus variety. Perfect for fresh eating, sectioning, or juicing for everyday breakfast. With this gift they are combined with Heritage Ruby Red Grapefruit, plump,…

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Starting at $37.99

Holiday Citrus Deluxe Tray

…Gift Tray with Fruit, Sweets, Cheese and Crackers A great gift for those who love to entertain. Our Deluxe Shareable Gift Tray has so much variety, entertaining is easy! But you may want to keep it for yourselves. Presented in a handsome wood tray with rope hands are an incredible abundance…


Holiday Citrus Tray

…Gift Tray with Fruit, Sweets, Cheese and Crackers A great gift for those who love to entertain. Our Deluxe Shareable Gift Tray has so much variety, entertaining is easy! But you may want to keep it for yourselves. Presented in a handsome wood tray with rope hands are an incredible abundance…

Starting at $49.99

Spring Citrus Club

…of freshness. You, your friends and family can enjoy this amazing gift of three different citrus varieties, each picked at their peak and shipped when perfectly ripe. Enjoy our most popular varieties, including exotic Cara Cara Navel Oranges, sweet GoldenBelles® and seedless Grove Navel Oranges.…


Dried Fruit Assortment

…in a reusable wooden tray, they make a lovely, colorful display for when you have guests! Net weight: 25 oz. * No nuts – just 8 delicious varieties of our premium dried fruit * Includes dried Apple Rings, Pitted Prunes, Kiwi, Angelino Plums, Pears, Apricots, Dates and Peaches * Presented in a…

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Nuts About Nuts

Nuts About Nuts Gift Tin The ultimate gift for nut lovers If there are nut lovers on your list, this is just the right gift. We’ve packed six varieties of jumbo nuts into our Holiday Citrus tin that's sure to be the star of any holiday buffet table. Your gift includes Deluxe Mixed Nuts, plus…

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Grand Fruit Nut and Chocolate Gift Tray

…for large families, workplace gatherings, health-conscious recipients and anyone who loves to entertain. Net weight: 4.5 lbs. * 14 delicious varieties of our premium dried fruit, nuts and chocolates, perfect for an office or family gathering * Enjoy Butter Toffee Peanuts, Roasted Salted Almonds,…


Comice Pears

…are grown in one of the few orchards in the Pacific Northwest that shares our passion for quality. These pears join an elite circle of fruit varieties that have earned the Hale stamp of approval, and they’re guaranteed to ship fresh, ripe and delicious. * Comice pears ship ripe * A gourmet food…

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Starting at $34.99

Four Times Four

…doorstep. You can’t get this quality in stores; you can only get it straight from the grove. Buy two and save 10%! * Fresh fruit delivered * Four varieties * Selection includes Oranges, Apples and Pears * Buy two and save Contents * 4 Navel Oranges * 4 Honey-Sweet Tangernies * 4 Orchard Apples * 4…

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Starting at $37.99

Winter Wonder Club

…Savings Three premium fruit shipments, one easy order Winter is a magical season in the citrus world. Some of our rarest and most sought after varieties ripen only at this time year, making this monthly seasonal gift something truly special. Shipped to friends, family or clients over three months,…


Fruitful Assortment Gift Box

…Box Our most popular items in one can’t-miss gift Truly with something for everyone, this gift box is a right-sized combo of our premium fruit varieties along with sweet, crunchy and savory delights. Our fruit is picked at its peak and shipped to arrive in premium condition. Fruit fans will love…

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Fruitful Assortment with Sugar Belles

…A customer favorite right now with Sugar Belles Truly with something for everyone, this gift box is a right-sized combo of our premium fruit varieties along with sweet, crunchy and savory delights. Our fruit is picked at its peak and shipped to arrive in premium condition. Fruit fans will love…


Joy Fruit & Chocolate Basket Box

…this gift can reuse the folding box for ornament storage and more. * Gift box for fruit and chocolate lovers * A mix of six citrus and fruit varieties * Five different chocolate treats * Gift with universal appeal Contents * 1 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 2 Grove Navel Oranges * 2 Honey-Sweet Tangerines…


Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit

Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit Our most highly prized citrus varieties in one great package. Send two taste sensations for a gift they won’t forget. Brilliant, bright orange, bursting with luscious juice and honeyed flavor, Hale Honeybells are a unique cross between the delicately flavored Dancy…

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Starting at $28.99
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