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Grower's Update - Navels

3 reasons to get excited for the upcoming Navel Orange season - Grove Update

In our last edition of Grove Update we mentioned the heavy rains and the nice sizes. Our trip this week was even better. Here are three reasons to get excited about the upcoming season:

Reason #1: Larger sizes

Two-and-a-half inch averages have given way to over three-and-an-eighth inch averages. Known as a "size 80", we've already hit the smallest standard size we ship...with about three months to go before shipping!

Reason #2: Juicier fruit

Last year we had a large crop, leaving a reduction in the amount of fruit we see on each tree this year. With less fruit per-tree, we see an increase in the amount of nutrients each piece receives. This increase in stored energy means faster, larger growth. With the heavy rainfall Florida has received this summer, which means more juicy goodness for you!

Reason #3: Preview our Holiday Catalog with a new variety

Get a sneak peek before anyone else! Check out our new style, and pre-order our new products and SolZest variety today! Click here to preview our new catalog!