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Honeybells IN SEASON: January-February
Named for their unusual bell shape, Hale Honeybells are a once-a-year treat you won't want to miss! Their lovely, "honey" flavor comes from a sumptuously sweet combination of the delicate Dancy Tangerine and the Sweet Duncan Grapefruit. Brighten up your winter when a batch while you can!

Hale Groves has been the top source for Florida honeybells and other fresh Florida gourmet citrus fruits since 1947. Each and every one of our honeybell oranges makes a delicious and tantalizing treat for you and your family. Florida residents know that if they're looking to order the finest Honeybell oranges, Hale Groves is the only choice.

What are Honeybell Oranges?

Honeybells are a grapefruit-tangerine hybrid that's incredibly juicy and honey-sweet in flavor. This once a year citrus sensation is only available for a few weeks beginning in January. The special location of our groves, along the Indian River, is one of the secrets that allow us to grow the best Honeybells in the state. Customers who buy Honeybell oranges from us will quickly discover that the warm, tropical climate, and fertile soil near the Indian River makes each honeybell orange a delicious and gourmet product.

Popular Honeybell Gift Baskets & Boxes

At Hale Groves, we guarantee that all of our customers will receive their Honeybell oranges as fresh as possible. When you order Honeybell oranges from us, they will arrive freshly picked from the fields. Hale Groves does not believe in using long-term storage centers or in freezing any of our citrus for later use. Our business model ensures that every Honeybell gift box you order will arrive on time with only the freshest, most ripe fruit days off the tree. You can find Hale Groves Honeybell tangelos for sale on its own or in tandem with other Hale Groves fruit varieties, choose from some of our top-selling options:

Fresh Honeybell Delivery

We ship each honeybell orange in our signature crush-proof boxes for safe arrival of your gift through the mail. At Hale, we guarantee our citrus fruit will taste like it just came out of our grove when it gets to your door. Our customers have continued to shop with Hale Groves for so long because they know that we make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

Best Occasions to Send Honeybells

Whether you're looking for a gift basket of Florida honeybells to send a loved one or just to treat yourself, Hale has you covered. We offer specially designed gift baskets for every occasion, including birthdays and major holidays like Mother's Day and Christmas. When ordered as a gift, we'll send a Honeybell Gift Announcement Card to your recipients.

Buy honeybells online in our signature gift boxes or one of multiple gift basket options for yourself or a loved one. You don't want to miss out on Hale Groves' most popular fresh fruit variety, reserve your shipment today!

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