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Monthly Fruit Clubs

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Viewing 1 - 14

Monthly Fruit Clubs from Hale Groves are a perfect way to sample fresh fruit each month. Monthly fruit gifts bring the best flavors of the month. We pick the fruit on the perfect time of the month so your gift arrives best fruit of the season. With plans ranging from three month clubs up to an entire year, there are options for every budget. Hale Grove Monthly Fruit Clubs include traditional favorites such as the All Seasons Fruit™ Club, Citrus Lovers Plan and Peak of the Season™ Plan.

Hale’s All Seasons Fruit™ Club is the perfect gift. This monthly fruit subscription includes:

  • December – Grove Navel Oranges
  • January – Grove Honeybells
  • February – Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • March – Deep Red Navels
  • April – Spring Tangelos
  • May – Grove Navel Oranges
  • June – Peaches
  • July – Bing Cherries
  • August – Florida Mangoes
  • September – Bartlett Pears
  • October – Orchard Apples
  • November – Grove Navel Oranges

Hale’s Citrus Lovers Clubs have options with varieties fresh oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit or oranges and grapefruit combos.

Varieties available in the Citrus Lovers Fruit Clubs include:

  • Grove Navel Oranges
  • Honeybell Oranges
  • Temple Oranges
  • Honey Tangerines
  • Western Navels
  • Valencia Oranges
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Deep Red Navels
  • Spring Tangelos

With Hale’s Peak of the Season™ Plan, you will have the opportunity to taste three months of our most popular citrus varieties freshly picked off the tree at their optimum flavor. This Fruit Club includes:

  • Grove Navels in November
  • The President's Choice in December
  • Sweet Mini Honeybells in January
  • Navel Oranges in February

Send fresh fruit each month to family, friends, colleagues and anyone on your gift list (including yourself). The first shipment of grove-fresh fruit will arrive the month of your choice. Each month, recipients will enjoy another fresh, seasonal shipment from Hale Groves monthly fruit clubs. Hale Groves friendly customer service department will assist you to arrange your club plan in one simple phone call. When you purchase a fruit club online with Hale Groves, the gift recipient will receive an attractive membership certificate announcing your gift. Fruit gifts from Hale Groves continually receive rave reviews and are guaranteed to win the hearts of your family and friends.