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Monthly Fruit Clubs

Monthly Fruit Clubs

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All Seasons Fruit Club
All Seasons Fruit Club
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Monthly Fruit Clubs

The fresh-from-the-tree fruit you receive each month from Hale Groves makes our fruit of the month club unlike any other! Our decades of experience have proven that fruit harvested at its peak of freshness is what makes Hale Groves’ gourmet fruit a treat to look forward to.

With 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month options, Hale Groves’ monthly fruit club promises to deliver fresh-picked fruit cultivated especially for you by growers with generations of experience. If you want fruit fresher than ours, you’ll have to pick it yourself!

Hale Groves Fruit Clubs are the Epitome of Convenience

It seems like we do more and more of our shopping online these days. For one thing, it’s very convenient – instead of going out to pick up the merchandise, it’s brought right to your door. Additionally, your selection is not limited to what’s available locally – if you want something very specific but can’t find it in your immediate area, there’s a good chance you can find it online. And yes, that extends to fresh foods!

The idea of joining a fruit club might seem odd: after all, why would anyone mail fruit when there’s sure to be a grocery store within a few miles of where you live? Wouldn’t it be more expensive to get your fruit that way? And how could you be sure of the fruit’s quality if you don’t choose it yourself?

You already know all about the convenience provided by making online purchases, but we have additional points as to why you should consider fresh fruit mail order. The reasons may be more in-depth than you think!

Hale Groves Fruit Clubs are a Great Value

Do you shop for specific fruits on your trips to the grocery store, or do you wait until you get there to see what’s in season, what looks good, what strikes your fancy, or what’s on sale? If you’re part of the latter group, you may be hesitant about joining a fruit club because you think you might not use up everything your order contains, causing the remaining fruit – and your money – to go to waste. Not to worry – Hale Groves gives you the option of how much fruit you’ll get and how often (for example, some subscriptions last three months, six months, nine months, or even a year)!

Once you determine how much fruit you and your family are likely to consume in a month’s time, you can choose the plan that works for you. Also, having the fruit on hand increases your likelihood of consuming it, which can only be a good thing for your diet and overall health.

Hale Groves Fruit Clubs Offer Wonderful Variety

One of the very best reasons to enroll in a monthly fruit club is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy rarer or more exotic fruits you might have trouble finding locally, as well as more familiar offerings in a quality you’ve never tasted. Hale Groves monthly fruit clubs include traditional favorites such as the All-Seasons Fruit™ Club, classic citrus club delivery in our Citrus Lovers Plan, and our beloved Peak of the Season™ Plan. Go beyond a single fruit basket and send the best fruit of the month club gifts from Hale Groves! You can be sure you’ll receiving the season’s best offerings, harvested at their peak of freshness and ripeness.

Hale Groves’ Fruit Clubs Offer Superior Quality

Why is Hale Groves’ fruit clubs among the best fruit clubs you’ll find? When you go with citrus mail order or other fruit mail order through Hale Groves, you can say goodbye to your days of standing in your busy grocery store’s produce section, poking and prodding fruit that has been poked and prodded by dozens of other people before you after having traveled miles in cold storage!

When you receive a box of fruit from Hale Groves, you know it has been picked at the peak of ripeness, carefully hand-chosen for quality, carefully packed and sent right to you for maximum freshness. And if you’re not absolutely delighted with it, we’ll make it right as soon as possible. That’s the Hale Difference™.

Monthly Fruit Clubs are a Great Gift!

Whether you want to send a special gift that delivers smiles over and over or would like to receive the finest fruit of the season each month for your own home, Hale Groves monthly fruit clubs are your answer. When you give one of our fruit delivery gifts, we pick fresh fruit just for you at the season’s peak of flavor. You, or those you send a fruit of the month gift to, will delight in the arrival of a new fruit basket filled with the absolute best fruit available each month.

The best part is that Hale Groves monthly fruit club gifts are available in many sizes and options. This lets you find ways to give that are always a perfect fit. With plans ranging from three-month fruit clubs, to fruit delivery for an entire year, there are options for every budget. Send fresh fruit each month to family, friends, colleagues, and anyone on your gift list (including yourself). The first shipment of grove-fresh fruit will arrive in the month of your choice. Then your recipients will enjoy another fresh, seasonal shipment each month from the Hale Groves monthly fruit club you have chosen.

Our friendly customer service department will assist you to arrange your club plan in one simple phone call. When you purchase a fruit club delivery online with Hale Groves, the gift recipient will receive an attractive membership certificate announcing your gift. Fruit gifts from Hale Groves continually receive rave reviews and are guaranteed to win the hearts of your family and friends. Getting started is fast and easy, so order your monthly fruit club gifts today