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Navel Oranges

Navel Oranges

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Navel Oranges IN SEASON: November-May
Bright, tangy-sweet and delicious, this classic winter orange is the world’s most popular citrus fruit, and no wonder – its rich, flavorful and seedless flesh makes it perfect for snacking!

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Purchasing Hale Grove Navel Oranges guarantees you will receive succulent, sweet, juicy navel oranges that are handpicked at their peak and delivered straight to your door. What sets Hale Grove Navel Oranges apart is that we understand how to develop the best citrus flavors—by patiently waiting years for our trees to produce premium fruit. Hale’s Florida Navel Oranges are homegrown, with their roots deep in the fertile soils of Florida’s Indian River region. This, coupled with a tropical climate, moderate rainfall and nutrient rich soil, creates the most ideal growing spot for Florida Navel Oranges.

When you bite into a Hale Grove Navel Orange, the sweet juices burst in your mouth; we promise the taste will put a smile on your face. Florida Navel Oranges are like nature’s candy—healthful, too, with vitamins C and A, folate, potassium and fiber. Their vitamin and mineral content stays high due to the short transit time. Each navel orange only has 69 calories and provides 85 percent of the daily requirements of vitamin C. Other benefits: Eating navel oranges helps to boost the immune system and can help to promote collagen. Florida Navel oranges are also rich in antioxidants, which helps to protect against cancers. Navel Oranges are an anti-inflammatory food, which helps to reduce inflammation, protecting against heart disease, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Orange navels are said to be America’s favorite form of citrus. The size is an important detail when it comes to the sale of Florida Navel Oranges. The larger navels tend to be sweeter, juicier and more filling. Florida Navel Oranges are an ideal healthy snack for kids or adults on the go. They are easy to peel, and there’s no worry about any seeds.

Hale Groves offers four types of Navel Oranges: Grove Navels, Heritage Navels, Cara Cara Navel Oranges and Red Navels. Grove Navel Oranges, typically sold in December, are picked at the peak of impeccable quality and flavor. These ripe, seedless oranges will delight your family and friends with the classic taste of rich Florida citrus flavors. At Hale, each Florida Navel Orange must pass six or more levels of inspection before it meets our standard for excellent quality.

Heirloom trees grow the most flavorful fruit, and Heritage Navel Oranges are grown on 50- to 100-year-old trees that have been nurtured and pruned. Because mature trees spend less energy on new growth, these navel oranges offer mouthwateringly sweet citrus flavor in every single bite. This crop is small, and the harvest period for these Navel Oranges is limited (typically sold in April). Order yours today for the freshest fruit from the farm to your table. They are rare and unbelievably scrumptious. (You may want to double your order!)

Holiday Red Navel Oranges are truly unique, with their deep red flesh and sweet flavor—they are a wonderful surprise for citrus lovers. Take one bite out of a Red Navel Orange, and you will immediately see what we mean. Red Navels from Florida are an incredibly special treat on their own, but you can also peel slices to serve in salads, desserts or as a side dish. Filled with wonderfully sugary, rich nectar, they are an exquisitely unique. Holiday Red Navel Oranges are available in limited quantities in early December; purchase as soon as they are released because quantities are limited.

At Hale Groves, we guarantee that our customers will receive their Navel Oranges as fresh as possible. When you order Navel Oranges from Hale, they will arrive freshly picked from the fields. We do not use any long-term storage or freeze any of our citrus for later use. We ensure that every Navel Orange gift box you order will arrive on time with only the freshest, ripest fruit just days off the tree. We ship Navels in our signature crush-proof boxes for safe arrival. At Hale, we guarantee our citrus fruit will taste like it just came out of our grove when it gets to your door. Our customers have continued to shop with Hale Groves because they know that we make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

Buy Navel Oranges in our signature gift boxes online, or choose one of multiple gift basket options for your family or friends. Don’t miss out on Hale Groves’ Florida Navel Oranges for sale this spring, for Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas holidays or any day you want to jazz up with the sweet flavors of ripe citrus. Reserve your shipment today!