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Snowman Tangerines

Cheery Snowmen Tangerines

The smiles are guaranteed!

A gift of sunshine straight from the Sunshine State itself will chase away wintertime blues! Nine of our premium, delectable Honey-Sweet Tangerines arrive all dressed up in smiling snowman wrappers for extra cheer. Super-sweet and juicy, these easy-to-peel Tangerines are guaranteed to bring smiles wherever you send them!

Small and sweet, our healthy, Honey-Sweet tangerines will bring good vibes to any lunchbox. Shipped within days of being picked.

  • Wrapped in smiling snowman faces
  • Honey-Sweet tangerines are juicy, delicious and easy-to-peel
  • Small size makes them perfect for lunchboxes
  • Healthy and cheerful get-well gift or pick-me-up

Snowman Tangerines

5 lbs.
Preorder for Nov

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The Hale Groves Guarantee

The Hale Groves Guarantee

It's simple: If the gift you order doesn't arrive fresh and perfect—if you and your recipients aren't totally delighted—we'll make it right.
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