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Sumo Citrus

Oversized mandarins have a taste as big as their name.

In need of some serious refreshment? Grab one of our seriously delicious, seriously big Sumos! New to Hale Groves, the exceptionally sweet Sumo Citrus is a Satsuma/Mandarin/Orange hybrid with a bumpy rind that hides a fragrant, firm flesh that’s intensely sweet, slightly tangy, and practically melts in your mouth. Juicy (but not too juicy), seedless, and easy to peel, this is the perfect snack for when you’re feeling just a little hungrier than usual between meals.

More substantial than the tiny Tangerine, the super-sweet Sumo Citrus gives you more bang for your buck when you’re feeling hungry – but not too much bang! Just one fruit is less than 150 calories, fat-free, and rich in vitamin C and fiber, so it’s a healthy – as well as delicious – snack time option.

Sumo Citrus make a great gift, too – surprise your fruit-loving loved ones with this unique premium citrus fruit in the quantity that suits them best. Food always fits!

  • Oversized seedless mandarins with big flavor
  • Super-sweet and tangy citrus flavor
  • A no-mess, easy-to-peel snacking fruit
  • Each fruit contains 163% DV of vitamin C

Sumo Citrus - 6 pieces

6 Pieces
Out Of Season
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