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Grove Favorites Trio & Holiday Bundle
Trio & Holiday Bundle
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The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Hale Golden Honeybells
Hale Golden Honeybells
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The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars
Golden Honeybells and Ruby Red Grapefruit
Golden Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit
Preorder for Jan, 2024
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars
Golden Honeybells and Grove Navel Oranges
Golden Honeybells & Navel Oranges
Preorder for Jan, 2024


Hale Groves Honeybells are one of our most popular fruits for delivery! A citrus hybrid comprised of a Dancy Tangerine and a Sweet Duncan Grapefruit, Honeybells (also known as Tangelos) have only one downside: their short season (January-February). But now – thanks to Hale Groves GoldenBelles® - that’s no longer a problem!

What are GoldenBelle® Oranges?

GoldenBelles® are Hale’s spring variety of the popular Honeybell. GoldenBelles share all Honeybells’ best qualities – few to no seeds, thin skins that peel easily, very little pith, and fabulous, sweet-and-tangy flavor. And now you can enjoy them in the springtime! With their lovely bright orange color and pretty bell-shape, GoldenBelles make a great gift for a spring celebration. You won’t find these bell-shaped beauties in stores – GoldenBelles are only available through Hale Groves!

Popular Sugar Belle® Gift Baskets & Boxes

We don’t believe in using long-term storage centers or in freezing any of our citrus for later use, which is why your Sugar Belles® (and all your Hale Groves fruit) will arrive as fresh as possible, from the tree to your door. Fresh, ripe and perfect – it’s our guarantee! And if your Sugar Belles® don’t satisfy, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll make it right as soon as possible.

You can find our Hale Groves GoldenBelles® on their own or in tandem with other fruits and gourmet treats! Here are some of our top-selling options:

  • Hale Groves GoldenBelles®
  • Mini GoldenBelles®
  • Happy GoldenBelle
  • GoldenBelle & Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Spring Citrus Collection
  • Sunshine Gift Box with GoldenBelles

Fresh GoldenBelles® Delivery

When you order GoldenBelle® oranges by Hale Groves, you know they’re still on the tree at the time you hit “submit.” Our GoldenBelles® are hand-picked, hand-selected, and come straight to you from our Groves to your or your recipients’ door, packed in crush-proof boxes to ensure their safe arrival. If you’ve never shopped with Hale Groves before, know that our customers continue to buy from us because we make our customers’ satisfaction our top priority. The only way you can get fruit fresher than this is if you pick it yourself!

GoldenBelles®: The Perfect Choice for any Occasion!

Florida GoldenBelles® are the perfect gift for any spring celebration! Hale Groves offers specially designed gift baskets for every occasion, including birthdays and major holidays and GoldenBelles® make a wonderful addition to Easter baskets, or as a Mother’s Day gift (we’re betting your Mom will very much prefer GoldenBelles over boring old flowers!). When ordered as a gift, we pack a GoldenBelles® Gift Announcement Card in with your fruit so your recipients will know who and where they came from.

Delicious GoldenBelles are only available for a limited time, so you should order them while you can. And when they’re in season, a gift basket of Florida GoldenBelles ® is the ideal gift to send a loved one – and yourself! So don’t wait – you can purchase GoldenBelles® online in our signature gift boxes or one of multiple gift basket options for yourself or a loved one.

Love Honeybells? Extend their season and reserve your shipment Hale Groves GoldenBelles® today!

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