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Sweet as honey, tangerines are one of life's simplest pleasures. Easy to peel and section, they’re great for snacking and sharing, and ours always have a sweetly mellow flavor that makes them a customer favorite, year after year. Our Florida tangerines are unlike any you've ever tasted…or peeled! Their thin skins magically “unzip” to reveal heavenly sweetness.

Tangerine gifts are always a stellar choice — on their own, or in tandem with our other citrus, like honeybells, tangerines make a nutritious, cheerful, tasty gift. Our growers know exactly which fruit will yield the best flavor—those are the ones we choose, hand-pack, and ship directly to you.

Choose between our two varieties of tangerines — traditional Honey Sweet Tangerines and our sweet, seedless Golden Nugget Tangerines. Either way, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute finest citrus available. What sets our citrus apart from all others is the time our expert growers spend in the groves every day, walking among the trees and hand selecting the very best. That care ensures the fresh tangerines we offer are the very best available. Each piece of fruit must pass at least six levels of inspection before it meets our standard for quality.

Choose from our citrus collections, which pair tangerines with fresh oranges, honeybells and/or grapefruit, or find a perfect gourmet gift that pairs delicious food items with our sweet tangerines. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, or you just want to buy tangerines for a healthy treat for your family, we make it easy to order.