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Hale Groves Florida Tangerines are a triple-treat: sweet as honey, easy to peel, and the perfect size for snacking! Delivered within days of picking, these best-selling beauties are excellent for eating out of hand, juicing or making jam. 

Popular Tangerine Gift Baskets & Boxes 

So easy to peel and enjoy, Hale Groves Honey-Sweet Tangerines are a gift the whole family will appreciate. Shipped on their own (handsomely presented in a variety of sizes to meet your needs) or together with other sweets, treats and fruits, a package of these succulent, citrus-y gems are sure to brighten your day – or the day of someone you care about! 

What is a tangerine, and why is this citrus fruit so popular? Many people believe mandarins and tangerines are the same fruit, but while tangerines are technically mandarins, there are a number of differences between a tangerine and a mandarin: while remaining small enough to be perfectly snackable, the bright, reddish orange tangerine fruit is slightly larger than a mandarin, and a little tangier. They also enjoy a longer growing season than mandarins (November through May). 

Kids especially will be delighted to find a tangerine vs. an orange in their lunchboxes: the honey tangerine's smaller size, sweeter, more delicate flavor, and super-easy to peel thin skins make them a huge hit with the younger set. Plus, because they're so easy to section, they're also easy to share! And with all the ways a tangerine benefits their health, it's a treat you can feel good about letting the kids enjoy (yourself, too!). With so much sweetness, it's hard to believe tangerines are low in calories (only 47 per serving). But one thing tangerines are high in is health benefits: tangerine nutrition provides 34% of your daily-recommended intake of Vitamin C, helping to give your immune system the boost it needs to stay healthy all winter long. That's an indulgence the whole family can appreciate! 

A nutritious, tasty gift, you can find Hale Groves Tangerines for sale on their own or together with other Hale Groves fruits (like our Honeybell oranges, which are a tangerine hybrid) and gourmet goodies. Here are just a few of our best-selling options you may choose from: 

Fresh Tangerine Delivery 

What sets a Hale Groves Tangerine above the rest as a gift? Simple: they're hand-chosen and handpicked just hours before they're shipped! Our expert citrus growers spend time in the groves every day, choosing only the freshest and best honey tangerines that meet our exacting standards of quality. Our growers know exactly which tangerine fruit wills yield the best flavor and when, and these are the tangerines we select, carefully pack by hand, and ship right to you in our climate-controlled trucks so your fruit's taste and appearance are as perfect and pristine as it was on the day it was harvested. When you send a gift of Hale Groves Tangerines, you can be confident knowing you've sent the best! 

Best Occasions to Send Tangerines 

With their sweet, mellow flavor and thin, "zipper" skins that make them so easy to peel and enjoy, Hale Groves Tangerines are a customer favorite year after year. This makes them a welcome gift for most any occasion, from a Get Well gift to a Sympathy gift, to a Birthday Gift to a Job Well Done. More enjoyable than flowers, a Holiday-themed Gift Box or Gift Basket containing premium Hale Groves Tangerines and other fabulous treats is sure to please everyone. Picking the right gift when you're shopping for a long-distance loved one can be difficult, but a beautiful Hale Groves gift basket or gift box containing tangerines (particularly when paired with other Hale Groves fruits and gourmet goodies) always fits, and can be tailored to appeal to most any taste and occasion!

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