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Temple Oranges

Temple Oranges

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Temple Oranges IN SEASON: February
When Temple Oranges come into season, you know spring is almost here! Bright and tangy with a mellow finish, fragrant Temple Oranges are a great way to add some sunshine to winter’s final chilly days.

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Hale Groves offers the sweetest, tangiest, juiciest citrus treat from February to March: Temple Oranges. Temple Oranges are far juicier than most oranges, with a complex yet bright and tangy explosive taste. Bite into one for flavorful citrusy fireworks in your mouth. Hale’s Queen of the Crop Temple Oranges are bright and offer a fresh zing to the palate, completed by a mellow finish. Hale Groves’ Florida Temple Oranges are homegrown in the fertile soils of Florida’s Indian River region, where a tropical climate, moderate rainfall and nutrient-rich soil create the most ideal growing spot for Temple Oranges.

A hybrid of an orange and a tangerine, Temple Oranges are often considered the “snacking orange,” because they are super easy to peel, section and segment with their thin, delicate skin and very little pith. Temple Oranges are sweetly decadent on their own, or as a fantastic sweet-tart addition to appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts. The rind in a Temple Orange offers a bold color and is vibrantly fragrant, perfect to flavor both sweet and savory recipes. Enjoy the fresh-squeezed juice from Temple citrus for a taste of Florida sunshine in every drop.

Temple Oranges make a refreshing and healthful snack, too. Like other navel oranges, they are high in vitamin C and other nutrients such as fiber, folate, beta-carotene, Vitamin A and calcium, and low in calories with a low glycemic index. Because they have high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Temple Oranges can help reduce inflammation and protect against cancers, heart disease, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases

Temple Oranges were supposedly discovered in 1896 in Jamaica by a Florida fruit-grower who shipped budding branches from these trees back to Florida. The fruit gained quick attention from William Chase Temple, a prominent citrus grower. Temple Oranges began to be grown commercially around 1919, when they were then given Temple’s name.

For the most memorable and welcomed sweet wintertime treat or Valentine’s Day present, buy Temple Oranges. Because Florida Temple Oranges have extra-thin skin, they will not stand up to commercial shipping. At Hale Groves, we guarantee that our customers will receive their Temple Oranges freshly picked from the fields. We select the very best Temple Citrus and Queen of the Crop Temples, and then carefully wrap them in decorative tissue before hand packing them in Protect-a-Trays for flawless arrival.

Buy Temple Oranges in our sampler trays, signature gift boxes online or choose one of multiple gift basket options. Don’t miss out on Hale Groves’ Florida Temple Oranges, harvested in February just in time for Valentine’s Day or as a treat for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Order your shipment today for a bright and delicious gift!