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3 Gallon Meyer Lemon Tree

Grow your own sweet lemons at home!

Surprise…Hale Groves isn’t just the best place to buy delicious oranges, grapefruit and more, it’s also the place where you can buy a potted Meyer Lemon Tree! This lovely, bushy evergreen plant is a delight to the eyes with its dark-green leaves, fragrant white flowers, and delectable yellow fruits. It thrives in small spaces, and even does well in pots so you can grow it indoors.

Imagine growing your own lemons at home! These beauties aren’t like the tart, acidic lemons you find at your local grocery store, either…the luscious Meyer Lemon is actually a hybrid of a true lemon and a mandarin orange, giving the fruit less “bite” than its true lemon counterpart. It makes excellent lemonade and works well in any recipe where lemons or lemon zest are called for. You’ll love having your own, homegrown lemons on hand whenever you need them!

  • 18-30 Inches Tall
  • Grow Meyer lemons, a true lemon/mandarin orange hybrid
  • Easy-to-grow plant produces dark-green evergreen leaves, sweet-smelling blossoms, and delicious, full-size Meyer Lemons
  • Self-pollinating tree produces fruit without a second tree nearby
  • A great gift in lieu of flowers
Trees do not ship to Alaska, Arizona, California, Canada, Hawaii, Louisiana, Puerto Rico or Texas.

Meyer Lemon Tree

Approx. 6 lbs.
Available Now

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The Hale Groves Guarantee

The Hale Groves Guarantee

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